White apron for kitchen

White color in the kitchen is the color of purity, lightness and airiness. The more white in the kitchen, the more spacious and cleaner it seems. White apron in the kitchen looks prestigious and fashionable and indicates a sense of style of the hosts.

belaya-kuxnyaA white apron in a white kitchen.

Pros and cons of a white apron in the kitchen

Trend Total White is becoming more popular every year. White kitchen apron looks stylish, fresh and modern, perfectly coping with its functions - to protect the finish from dirt and moisture. It can be placed only above the working area, stretch to the sink and even grab space above the stove.

belaya-kuxnya2Total White is a popular trend recently.

He will fit well in both the white kitchen and the kitchen, with a contrasting primary color.

White apron has a number of advantages:

  • It is a universal element for almost any style: high-tech, provence, Scandinavia, classics, etc .;
  • white visually expands the space, so it fits perfectly into a small kitchen;
  • white apron is an element of monochrome that will not go out of fashion for a long time;
  • white element in the kitchen is almost perfectly combined with any colors, so when replacing the style during the repair easily fit into the updated interior;
  • on a white background, the backlight and any kitchen accessories that can be placed on the railing will look great.
belaya-kuxnya3White apron looks great in the kitchens of bright colors.

Of course, we can not fail to mention the shortcomings of white in the kitchen. Basically, this is the need for more thorough care. Material for the apron should be selected in accordance with the basic concept of the kitchen.

From what material can you make a white apron in the kitchen

The variety of materials for creating a kitchen apron is enormous despite the stringent requirements for them: it protects the walls from dampness, steam, temperature changes, splashes of hot fat, just dirt. Therefore, the material for the apron should be cleaned well and quickly, do not accumulate dirt in the pores, and not promote the reproduction of bacteria.

trouble-kuxnya4The apron protects against the wall from dampness, temperature changes, splashes of hot fat, just dirt.

And under such tough conditions, it can be made from a huge amount of materials. Let's look at what materials are made kitchen aprons, what are their pros and cons, and what style is suitable for each proposed option.

Ceramic white tiles

Ceramic tiles - a traditional element in the kitchen: it is durable, easy to clean, does not deteriorate due to the effects of fats and moisture.

There are several ways of laying tiles:

  • Brickwork - The traditional version of the design of the apron: rectangular tiles create the illusion of a wall painted in white. This design looks nebrosko and fits well in the village styles and in modern: loft, art deco, Scandinavia, etc.
  • Combined masonry assumes that some of the tiles are laid out in a traditional way, and the other part - diagonally or vertically. You can thus lay out a small panel or allocate some part of the apron - the top or bottom.
  • Smooth Masonry square tiles restrained and organically will look over the sink, work area, hob. This is an ideal option for industrial, minimalist, retro and other styles. A small square tile will look good in the village styles, as well as a pinap etc.
  • Herringbone herringbone It is only possible with rectangular tiles. This styling looks good, if the floor is laid parquet, It will give completeness to such interior styles as Provence and vintage, retro and modern.
  • Zigzag clutches - This is a transverse variety of Christmas trees, this is a great option for the kitchen in the style of eclecticism, fusion, pop art. Also, this design will add zest to the village styles.
belaya-kuxnya5The apron is made of white ceramic tiles with masonry

Textured tiles

Textured or relief tiles imitate stucco patterns, stone or brick texture, geometric or floral patterns. Luxurious stucco molding on the apron will look great in the kitchens with decor in the classics, Empire, Baroque, Greek, etc.

Belaya-kuuxnya6Apron made of relief tiles in a cozy kitchen.

Brick and stone symbolize the naturalness and simplicity in cozy country styles. Brutally and fashionably rude they will look in the kitchen loft, techno, modern.

Floristic patterns fit well in eco-styles, Biedermeier style, etc. Geometry is more typical for minimalistic Japanese style, modern, Scandinavian.

trouble-kuhnya7White apron in the form of a brick in the kitchen in the loft style.

Glass Apron

Skinali or glass aprons for the past few years are confidently holding in the fashion trend. They look beautiful, are spectacular due to their reflective properties and are easy to clean. White skinned can be glossy and matte, textured and smooth, saturated and translucent.

trouble-kuhnya8Glossy glass apron is an excellent solution for the kitchen.

Skinali harmoniously fit into the styles of high-tech, minimalism, Scandinavia, futurism - that is, in those styles in which in the first place are smooth lines and reflective surfaces. Excellent such decoration will be combined with inexpensive plastic kitchen furniture.

Belaya-kuxnya9White skinned in the kitchen in the style of minimalism.

Mosaic apron

The mosaic design of the apron, even in a monochrome version, will look elegant and original. The mosaic will look spectacular, made of a variety of materials:

  • white glass;
  • ceramics;
  • smalt.
belaya-kuxnya10Mosaic white apron.

The elegant design created by the mosaic will look good in eclectic, modern and retro styles. Patterns of white mosaic of different shades can be used in ethnic and rustic styles.

Wooden apron

If you want originality, in some styles the wooden apron painted with white paint will look great. MDF panels are resistant to moisture and are easy to clean and install. They are not recommended for installation near gas stoves: the material has good flammability. A good alternative to MDF can be laminate. You can even use natural wood, but the zone around the slab will have to be faced with other material.

belaya-kuhnya11Apron made of wood is an excellent option for the original work area.

Finishing the wall from white wood is an effective option for modern, eco-style and Japanese minimalism. This apron will not be white in color, since in any case, a brownish streak will be visible in the woody pattern, which should be taken into account when choosing a color scheme for the kitchen.

Stone apron

An apron of white stone will add respectability to the interior.

To create an apron, you can use the following materials:

  • White marble will look chic. This luxury expensive solution for such complex styles as classic, baroque, Empire, rustic, modern, etc.
  • Litoceramics or composite tiles are a cheap analog of marble. The material is a combination of a ceramic base and a layer of natural marble.
  • You can use for the finishing of the kitchen other types of stone: limestone, granite, etc ..
belaya-kuxnya13An apron made of stone in a white and black kitchen.

The stone wall will organically look in eco-interiors, as well as in rustic, loft, English, Greek, etc. styles.

Plastic apron

Plastic - inexpensive and very practical material for wall finishing in the work area. PVC panels are inexpensive, easy to care for, and look as relevant as ceramic or glass aprons. This is a good option for modern kitchens. The apron of PVC is perfectly combined with any furniture - plastic and wooden.

Belaya-kuhnya14Plastic is an inexpensive and practical material for finishing the kitchen apron.


Particularly effective is a white apron with a backlight. The most common option for lighting is the installation of fixtures with directional light directly above the apron. Such a backlight will allow to directively illuminate the working area and will not shine in the eyes of those sitting at the table.

belaya-kuxnya15A white apron with a backlight in a white kitchen.

If there are hanging cabinets above the apron, luminaires placed on the bottom of the cabinets will be more convenient. It is better for these purposes to choose an LED tape or fluorescent lamps - they give more uniform lighting. Spot lights are too bright and will not reflect beautifully on the glossy surface like blinding spots.

belaya-kuxnya16The luminaires located on the bottom of the lockers are a convenient placement option.

For glass skins, the backlight can be of 2 kinds:

  • The LED strip is attached from the top and bottom to the ends of the panels. For this purpose, a special aluminum profile with channels for LED tape and wiring is used. A thin and narrow profile is not conspicuous.
  • Backlight может крепиться с тыльной стороны стеклянной панели, которая отодвигается от стены при помощи дистанционных держателей. Светодиодная лента утапливается в нишу. Смотрится такое освещение очень современно - в виде четкой светящейся полосы.
belaya-kuxnya17The most effective white apron looks backlit.

In a modern minimalist kitchen with a white monochrome apron, the color LED backlight with RGB tape will look good - purple, blue, green, red. The control panel can be used to set the dynamic mode with changing colors or with other effects or fixing a certain one color.

Belaya-kuuxnya18Purple LED lighting in the kitchen with a white apron.

What styles will look good white apron

The design of the apron should be in harmony with the style of the kitchen.

The white apron can fit perfectly into any style, except perhaps the Gothic:

  • In the classical kitchen, an apron of white tile will always be in place.
  • Baroque suggests a textured patterned white tile, but it will look more effective in such an interior: the white frosted glass with a matte pattern is perfect for a luxurious palace design.
  • Modern - to a place in such interior there will be glossy panels from white acrylic. It is better not to use textured materials here.
  • Village styles will prefer first of all white glossy brick, that is, its ceramic imitation.
  • Minimalism and techno will prefer white frosted glass.
  • Fashionable Scandinavian trends for the apron offer a unique white brick.
belaya-kuuxnya19Apron of white tiles in a classic kitchen.

What colors combine a white apron in the kitchen

Stunningly it will look completely white kitchen with a white apron and with small color accents. It is harmoniously combined with furniture of any "suit", texture, color and shape. Any accessory will look admirably on the background of a snow-white wall - a chrome microwave, a vase of flowers, kitchen utensils.

belaya-kuxnya20A white apron in a white kitchen with a dark working panel and a black oven.

The white color is neutral, it acts as an excellent separator for many shades, so the white screen will be equally appropriate in monochrome gray techno and in motley modernism or contemporary. Gray is considered a shade of white: this combination is preferable for interiors of modern style: techno, industry, fusion will perfectly take the white wall into its predominant gray.

Belaya-kuxnya21One of the best combinations is a gray kitchen and a white apron.

Contrasting - classic black and red, black and white, red-gray color of the kitchen also allows you to make a white apron. Especially good it will look like a separator between the colors of the lower and upper tiers of cabinets in the kitchen. Here an apron can play the role of a color accent in the interior. Contrast is typical for bright styles - modernity, minimalism, high-tech.

trouble-kukhya22A white apron will be appropriate on a contrasting black and white kitchen.

The color finish of the kitchen includes several shades, sometimes even up to five. White finish of the working area can either act in such interiors as a bunch for other shades or a color accent in modern, but more ornate styles - retro or vintage.

belaya-kuhnya23A successful bunch of several colors in the kitchen can be a white apron

White apron for the kitchen real photo examples


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