White curtains in the interior of the apartment - 115 photos

For light rooms, and even those with large window openings, you simply need to use white curtains. They will allow more light to pass into the room. In addition, white is a color that has many variations. As for curtains, they can be light and dense, with or without wrinkles, with ruffles or stretch marks, with lambrequins of the color of milk, as well as the presence of pick-ups / without them and others. Using white curtains in the interior of the accent to do very easily. For example, you can come up with some pick-up that will be in the tone of one of the interior items! Thanks to this the room will be free and spacious, and the curtains will simply fit into the avant-garde, or in HiTech.


  • Choosing white curtains in the interior
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  • 115 photo white curtains in the interior of the apartment

Choosing white curtains in the interior

Very many people believe that white curtains are completely impractical and inconvenient to use. For example, on black curtains, dust is much more visible. However, you need to wash the same, and those and those materials. Light fabrics are able to let more light into the room, creating a very cozy atmosphere. Combined with white ceilings / walls, the room will visually look bigger. In fact, there are many positive qualities. But, really listed it is not enough, to make sure of convenience and practicality of white curtains in an apartment interior ?!


We also offer a photo of white curtains in the interior. You can notice how easily and spaciously the room looks, enveloping literally every apartment element. With them it's very easy, and even at ease to some extent. Accordingly, depending on their shape, the situation in the interior can be anything. Read: Blue curtains - excellent ideas of a harmonious combination in the interior (90 photos)


In the photo you can see not only the severity of the forms, but also the comfort, as well as the festive atmosphere together with a beautiful place to relax.


Kitchen area

The most popular options include tulle with eyelets for the kitchen. Also here can be used blinds, a variety of Roman curtains, or curtains the length of the floor, if you design a country style. Curtains made of yarns can also be used here, but this is most suitable for kitchen studios. At the same time, if you adhere to the main recommendations, you can easily keep the light curtains clean:

  • In the process of preparing meals, you must include a hood in the kitchen. So fats, couples, and other "fragrances" will not be absorbed into the fabric.
  • We recommend to place the cutting table not too close to the window, so that the curtains do not splatter.
  • Choose special fabrics made with special impregnations that repel dirt.


Children's bedrooms

Yes, here it is difficult to make up, but it's quite real. Do not swear at your baby if he manages to get them all dirty. For maximum prevention of damage to the tissues of the color you prefer, adjust the length of the curtains to the part where the child simply does not reach. Still, as an option, you can buy your baby special "disappearing markers." So you absolutely do not have to limit the creativity of your baby! Also, there are a variety of variations of performances, as a result of which the window will not look bleak. For example, choosing a bright toy, make a bright version of picking.


Living room with living room

Of course, in the living room white is quite appropriate. White curtains and tulle in the interior look always solemn, joyful, it creates coziness. In this room, families, guests, relatives and friends gather. Here organize feasts, create elegant atmosphere. Curtains of white color bright and beautiful look, moreover, quite luxurious. You can see for yourself by viewing the photos presented in our catalog. Read: Organza curtains for the kitchen - 55 fashion curtains in the interior of the kitchen (photo of the novelty)


In addition, the use of white curtains - ideal for small living rooms, and even those that are poorly lit. After all, bright colors can visually expand the room! It is recommended to decorate windows with expensive, shiny fabrics. For example, solemnity will help to give an atlas that looks expensive and solemn.



Due to light colors, the bedroom looks light and airy. If you use white sheets, in combination with light versions of curtains, they will help bring in the interior of the fairy charm. A large number of pillows along with feather beds will create a heavenly feeling, even to a certain extent, beyond the clouds. Here you should use options matte fabrics, for example, software, satin. With the help of veil / organza, the room will look angelic.


White is also used to zonate space. From it there will be no feeling that there are any obstacles in the room, but the clarity of the lines will be visualized. To zonirovat kitchen-studio, you should choose curtains with beads, threads. These curtain options, by the way, are simply amazing for a girl's baby. For the living rooms of the same rooms, Japanese panels are perfect.

White House

115 photo white curtains in the interior of the apartment

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interior of the apartment, interior design.

interior of the apartment, interior design.





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