Wooden table for kitchen

Like many centuries ago, dining tables made of solid wood are the most popular among homeowners. Such models never go out of fashion, they look respectable and expensive, and are a real decoration of any kitchen.

Choosing a wooden table is a responsible and serious process that does not tolerate hasty decisions. Before making such a purchase, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with some of the advice of designers.

wooden tableThe most popular model among dinner tables is a wooden table.

Advantages and disadvantages of dining table from solid wood

Like any other natural material, wood has its advantages, with some drawbacks.

Advantages of dining tables made of natural wood:

  • this material has a natural beauty, it has a unique texture and looks expensive;
  • if necessary, the tree can be restored, and not once;
  • this material has a sufficiently high wear resistance and impact resistance;
  • it is pleasant to touch the tree, it is warm and smooth;
  • a dining table made of solid wood can be harmoniously entered in almost any interior of the kitchen.
wooden table2One of the advantages of a wooden table is its durability and impact resistance.

To a few shortcomings of this material should include the following parameters:

  • furniture made of natural wood, always has considerable weight;
  • the cost of a wooden dining table is much higher than that of a table made of synthetic materials;
  • wood quickly ignites, it has low resistance to high temperatures - this means that a hot pan is capable of leaving a noticeable trace on its surface;
  • to protect the table from the tree from damage, it must be covered with varnish, which over time is able to darken and crack;
  • if the table is made of soft wood, there may be scratches on its surface, so always use a cutting board to cut the products.

The wooden dining table will always remain a stylish and respectable piece of furniture, and will never go out of fashion.

wooden table3A wooden table never goes out of fashion is a long-lasting acquisition.

Forms of dining tables from solid wood

Producers of kitchen furniture from solid wood have long not limited themselves to the manufacture of classic models of rectangular dining tables. Now you can buy a wooden table of any shape - round, square, oval and even with six facets.

The main thing is that the chosen model should be in harmony with the general interior of the kitchen, while being as convenient and functional as possible.

wooden table4In the modern world, a wooden table can be of any shape and color.

Round wooden dining table - a model that deserves popularity, which can easily be entered into any interior of the kitchen.

wooden table5A round wooden table is one of the most popular options.

This model looks unusual and attractive, it is ideal for interiors made in classical, Mediterranean and Scandinavian styles, as well as in the styles of Provence, Country and Chef Chic. Since the round dining table can not be placed close to the wall, this model is not suitable for arranging a small kitchen.

wooden table6The round table is suitable for many styles and always looks elegant.

Advice! The most convenient model of the round table - the diameter of which does not exceed 1.5 meters. If you install a large dining table, the people sitting behind it will find it inconvenient to constantly reach out to the arranged dishes.

Oval-shaped wooden dining table - this model looks very elegant and exquisite. The complete absence of corners makes it safe, so an oval table is ideal if there are small children in the house. Another advantage of the table is an oval shape - it can be installed even in tight spaces (if necessary, it can be pushed to the wall).

wooden table7Oval table perfectly fits in the house where there are children.

Many people oval shapes are often associated with high architectural styles - such as Renaissance and Baroque. However, this model is able to fit into any interior, from the classical, to the most modern. Such a table is quite functional, since it can easily accommodate up to 9 people.

wooden table8Oval table is perfect for a large family.

Popular design of dining tables made of wood

Folding wooden dining table This is a very comfortable, ergonomic and stylish model that will occupy little space in the kitchen. This variant of the table is convenient and functional, as it allows you to save space. If you do not need a large number of seats at the table, you can simply fold it down.

wooden table9Folding wooden table is convenient and functional.

However, as soon as guests enter the doorstep, it can be decomposed literally in a matter of minutes, immediately greatly increasing the surface of the countertop. If the model of the folding table is equipped with a high-quality mechanism, then it can be decomposed by means of only three movements.

wooden table11Thanks to the three movements, the table can be expanded if guests are on the doorstep of the house.

A sturdy frame of a wooden table will help significantly extend the period of its operation. Also the use of reliable metal parts in its design is welcomed. You should pay attention to the legs of the model - they must be massive and strong, so that the table can easily withstand the additional load.

wooden table10When buying a folding table, you need to pay attention to the mechanism and legs.

Modern manufacturers offer folding tables of various shapes: oval, round, square, rectangular. Wooden models are more durable, besides, they look more solid and expensive.

wooden table12The wooden folding table will last longer than its associates from other materials.

Extendable dining table - this model will become a practical acquisition for a small kitchen. The sliding table can have a round, square or rectangular shape. If necessary, it can be quickly expanded, significantly increasing the size of the countertop. Such tables are very popular among people who prefer multifunctionality and practicality.

wooden table13The sliding wooden table can be of almost any shape.

This model should be installed in a house, the owners of which like to receive guests. When buying a sliding structure, a person receives not just a dining table, but full furniture, which is perfect for a spacious living room. Modern sliding models have very simple transformation mechanisms, which one person can easily handle.

wooden table14The sliding table is perfect for a living room.

Sliding tables have a stylish and versatile design, so they can easily fit into the interior and kitchen or living room. One of the characteristic features of this model is its practicality and universality.

wooden table15Sliding tables are universal, they are suitable for any style of kitchen or living room.

Advice! If the house has children, it is better to buy a kitchen table with rounded edges, in which there are no sharp protrusions - so the smallest members of the family will be protected from possible injuries.

Choosing a wooden kitchen table in color

White wooden table - This model, made of solid wood, looks great in the classic interior. The white table is also ideal for interiors in the Mediterranean and rustic style, and also in the styles of Provence and Shebbi chic.

wooden table16The white table looks festive and elegant in the kitchen in a classic style.

Важно понимать, что поверхность такой столешницы необходимо более тщательно защищать от царапин и загрязнений, так как они будут особенно хорошо на ней видны. White wooden table смотрится нарядно и стильно, он подчеркивает элегантность кухни и ее изящество.

wooden table17The table top of the white wooden table must be carefully tended.

Brown wooden table - perhaps, this is the most traditional version of the table, made of natural wood. Such models, most often, completely cover with varnish. The table looks brown and noble and solid, it is ideal for interiors of kitchens made in classical and rustic styles, as well as in country and loft style. This model will look great also in the interior of the kitchen, equipped in Arabic or Moroccan style.

wooden table18A wooden table of brown color and unusual shape is ideal for loft-style kitchens.

Black wooden table - this is the most versatile option, as this model will perfectly fit into almost any interior of the kitchen. The black kitchen table looks extravagant and modern.

Very interesting looks black wooden table with a glossy surface. Care for him will have to be carefully, since on the black surface are clearly visible traces of hands, scratches and other injuries.

wooden table19Black wooden table наиболее универсальная модель, такой стол впишется в любой интерьер.

Small table from solid wood for kitchen

If the area of ​​the kitchen is small, it will be difficult to install a massive dining table on it, for which all members of the family will be easily accommodated. However, this does not mean that you will have to abandon the purchase of a wooden table, replacing it with a lighter construction. The model, made of solid wood, can also be quite compact and does not take up much space in the room.

wooden table20A wooden table does not have to be cumbersome, you can choose a model that will be elegant and small in size.

In a small kitchen, you can install a small rectangular wooden table that easily moves to the wall. In addition, you can buy a folding structure that will save even more room in the room.

wooden table21In a compact kitchen, one of the options for placing a table can be a rectangular wooden table pushed to the wall.

A small wooden table should not be massive and rough, it is better to give preference to a lighter model on graceful legs. As for the color of the wooden table, it can be any - the main thing is that the design is in harmony with the overall style of the kitchen.

wooden table22A small wooden table can be of any shape.

What kind of wood can be used in making a kitchen table

The solid wood that is used in the manufacture of kitchen tables is divided into hard and soft varieties. Each of them has its own peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages.

wooden table23Wooden tables are made of hard and soft woods.

To soft grades of wood it is necessary to include all coniferous trees, such as cedar, fir, fir, juniper, pine. In addition, this category also includes willow, alder and chestnut materials. Hardwoods include oak, beech, larch, elm, apple tree, birch, rowan. The hardest are the white acacia, yew and dogwood.

wooden table24Both hard and soft varieties have their advantages and disadvantages.

The density of wood determines the way that it will be used to process it. For example, on a table made of soft material, several protective layers will have to be applied to protect the material from external damages. To protect products from hardwoods, only one protective layer is sufficient.

wooden table25For a table of solid wood, one protective layer is sufficient.

However, in any case, it must be remembered that the table top is best covered with a tablecloth, which will protect it from dirt and even mechanical damage.

wooden table26In order to protect the table from damage it is necessary to cover it with a tablecloth.

The choice of wood from which a dining table is made also depends on a person's aesthetic preferences. The fact is that each tree has its own unique color and texture pattern. For example, apple, pine, birch and pear boards have a very light tint.

If you need a table of rich brown chocolate color, you should pay attention to oak and plum boards, as well as mahogany, wenge and teak.

wooden table27The breed from which the table will be made depends on the individual's taste preferences.

Thanks to modern technologies, the natural color of the tree can be changed beyond recognition - for example, oak boards, after careful whitening, look very original, with the effect of antiquity. To change the shade of wood, special varnishes can also be used.

wooden table28Thanks to modern technology, you can artificially age the surface of the table.

Wooden table for the kitchen real photo examples

wooden table69wooden table68wooden table65wooden table64wooden table63wooden table62wooden table61wooden table60wooden table59wooden table58wooden table57wooden table56wooden table54wooden table53wooden table52wooden table51wooden table50wooden table49wooden table48wooden table47wooden table46wooden table45wooden table44wooden table43wooden table42wooden table41wooden table40wooden table39wooden table38wooden table37wooden table36wooden table35wooden table34wooden table33wooden table32wooden table30wooden table31wooden table29wooden table72wooden table71

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