A large living room - 100 photos of ideas how to design a

The largest and richly furnished room in the house is the living room. By its decoration can be judged not only about the tastes or preferences of the owners, but also about their material prosperity, well-being. In such a room it is pleasant to relax in the company of friends, to spend time with family.


An important role is played by the interior of a large living room. A large, spacious room does not limit the designer in choosing a style, allows you to implement bold and non-standard solutions that would never have been successful in a small area.

How to identify the appropriate design of a large living room?

The living room is considered large, when the area of ​​the room exceeds 20 square meters. Such dimensions allow you to "embed" any style.


Here are a few directions that are perfect for decorating a living room:



Always in vogue, does not get old. It combines a presentable appearance and beauty, contains elements of luxury. The view that the classic is old-fashioned is wrong.


High tech

This is an ultramodern style in which materials such as glass, metal, and plastic are used. Functionality and convenience is the main direction of this style! Suitable for those who care not only about the beauty of interior decoration, but also about the functionality of the things that it contains.

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High tech

Ethno style

For those who want to emphasize their national identity or exotic preferences and at the same time preserve their naturalness and comfort. The use of natural materials, simple, concise furniture, a feeling of unity with nature. The interior is created using certain cultural traditions, customs, and everything is taken into account: color, forms, traditional furniture, ornaments.


Eco style

Now it is becoming increasingly popular. Innovative forms and natural materials combined with harmony with the environment are the basic rules for creating this style! This style is for those who are tired of bad ecology and urban fuss.


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Allows you to relax and gain strength in your "home oasis". For those who decided to give preference to him it is possible to advise you when creating a room to create a maximum of free space and an abundance of light, to give preference to a color range of light colors, an abundance of plants, a minimum of furniture that must be made of natural materials.


This list of styles is certainly not complete, each in the design of the living room is based primarily on your taste and preferences. But, in cooperation with professionals, your living room will become presentable, and at the same time it will please you more than one year!


Recommendations - how to make the living room cozy and unique

There are an infinite number of possible layouts and styles for the living room. And the errors are the same, and with an enviable regularity. To avoid them, check out the tips of experienced designers:

1. An important moment in the living room, as, probably, in any other room, is lighting. A big plus is always the presence of natural light in the room, but if it is not enough, do not save on artificial!

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2. A large area is the main advantage of most living rooms. Correctly use it - make sure that together, all zones create a feeling of comfort and harmony, do not forget about the finish of walls and ceiling. The sense center in the room may not be one, if you already have a fireplace, dilute the atmosphere in the room will help, for example, a large plasma.


3. Place large interior items so that they do not interfere with the movement, do not cover the main parts of the decor of the room.

17079 Beige

Tone and colors in the interior of a large living room

If a large area is defined for the living room, choose light colors and plenty of artificial lighting for decoration. Soft and warm tones are comfortable, they create coziness in space.


Use the "rule" of contrast in the interior - if the light ceiling and walls make a dark floor and furniture in a large living room.


Choose color in accordance with the selected style and the overall color scheme.


What furniture should be in the spacious living room?

The answer to this question depends on the preferences of the owners, but, of course, it is not necessary to depart and even more so to abandon the chosen interior. If you choose something suitable does not work - see the photo of a large living room, or use the manufacture of furniture to order.

Photo 1-odnokomnatnaja-Apartment-study-designer-marina-Mamontov

At the big soft sofa it will be quite good to look a small coffee table, which, besides, will never stand idle.


Fill space with decor elements and accessories. Add indoor plants - they will improve the atmosphere in the living room and create a more pleasant environment for communication.


Photo of modern design ideas for a large living room







Sitting Room 6.jpg

Gallery 2.jpg


The first one


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classical-design-small-living room

Large living room

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