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Traditionally, the living room is a kind of room in which guests are accepted. But if the apartment is very small, or even one-room, then in this room everything is combined - a bedroom, a living room, a workplace.


The smaller the space of the room, the more difficult it is to make the room comfortable and comfortable for each member of the family. But if everything is thought through to the smallest detail, then everything is possible. You can browse the catalogs with the photo of the corner living room design to see all the options and plan your ideal.

During the thought-out of the modern interior in a small apartment, an important role is played by the chosen furniture. The first thing that accentuates when choosing furniture is its compact size, functionality, mobility. It's about the corner wall in the living room. The wall is roomy for a lot of things, compact in size.


How to pick up the wall, so that she would enjoy the functionality, and fit perfectly into the composition of the interior?

corner living room

Corner furniture for the living room has a number of advantages

  • The wall thanks to the unique shape perfectly uses those parts of the room that are most often used inefficiently, and sometimes it is not used at all. For this reason, almost the whole body is located in the corner, and therefore the room is quite spacious.
  • The wall is functional, it contains many things, even overall ones. Every thing in the living room will have its place in the corner cupboard.
  • The wall fits seamlessly into the interior. If desired, you can make it merge with the wall, so that the living room will be unloaded.
  • The wall has a chic modern design.

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There are many advantages at the wall, but nevertheless there are also pairs of minuses:

  • In the living room, this furniture headset is almost impossible to find an alternative location for the location.
  • The wall does not look the most advantageous in the living room with low ceilings.


Which wall is better?

The frame wall got its name because the base is a rigid frame, and it, in fact, determines its dimensions and future shape. Such furniture is assembled and installed directly in the living room, after which it is impossible to change its design, alter it. Maximum, change the fittings at your own discretion, the doors.

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Modular wall - a set consisting of several modules, and each can be used as a completely separate object. This option is convenient, if later there will be no need for a wall. When you remove modules, you can change the size of the wall.


Moving the modules as you like, you can bring a little freshness to the interior, without much effort and effort.


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Built-in corner wardrobe in the living room

The built-in wall is a practical solution for the living room. The value of the wall is that it is carried out individually according to the size of the room, and clearly becomes in the room in its place.


It is not an option to buy such furniture in finished form, because you can not avoid the difficulties in a selection of the ideal size. When making a custom built-in cabinet, you can be sure that the end result will please you.


Design is also selected individually

The interior of the corner living room always looks organic, except for those minor occasions when the living room is incredibly small and the wall is large in size.

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The corner wall is the most capacious element of the interior with its compact dimensions. For a small living room option is better not to think of.

modern-living-room-in-a-small apartment

It is not so easy to choose a corner cabinet, but if you take our advice, view the photo of the corner living room, then it is possible to pick up exactly that piece of furniture that will satisfy all individual requests.


Photo of bright design for a corner living room


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