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Many people dream of decorating their living room or another room in black, but they do not realize their dreams.

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Below we will try to tell a lot of interesting and important about this design, after which we hope that most apartment owners venture to create a black interior.

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Usually the main function of the living room is to receive guests, so the general idea of ​​the hosts and everything else is formed after meeting with this room.

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For most of the people, black color is an indicator of restraint, austerity, but for the rest even pretentiousness. Having presented such a room, you can not help thinking about the owner.

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And it's not surprising. The owner can be a man under the age of 45, who has a certain taste, who is not afraid of the opinions of others. He is confident in himself, does not want to be like everyone else, but instead wants to stand out from the crowd.

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Stylish and modern, with leadership abilities and the presence of individuality - that's who is the master of the black living room.

Dark wallpaper in the living room

To create a fashionable living room will need a black wallpaper with vertical lines. This print extends the walls. But for a small area it is better to use wallpaper with horizontal lines, with the help of them the space will expand.

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An excellent solution will be a combination of wallpaper with a horizontal skirt and a black stretch ceiling made of gloss. At their joints (walls and ceiling), the gloss will reflect the stripes from the wallpaper and continue their drawing.

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Therefore, the space will visually expand not only in width, but also in height. Such a design solution will please you with the final result.

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In a spacious living room, a black tone can be played in a different way, for example, furniture or a floor covering. It will be beautiful to look bright or even white furniture. The sofa in light colors will create an atmosphere of lightness and the effect of the white living room.

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Unusual for the black interior of the living room will be a variant of liquid wallpaper. Their main advantage is that when applied, they leave no stitching. They are noise-proof, absolutely not allergenic, pleasant when they come in contact with them (real woolen fibers are included in the composition).

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In the living room of the studio you can apply as a separation bar counter. It will please all your guests.

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This design method is very common. And it is used both on spacious areas, and on opposite variants.

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If you doubt and can not imagine the interior design of such a living room, then you can pay attention to the below are photos of the black living rooms.

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Of course, on the Internet, you can easily find the options you need, and then easily transfer your favorite option to your own square meters.

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But if you and this method of solving the problem does not fit, then you can use the latter option. Order the design specialist visualization in 3 D format. He will create a project for your room with an identical area. After this, you will see for yourself the interior design of the black living room and decide whether it suits you or not.

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If everything suits you, then you can start repair work. Usually a design specialist works with a construction team. They will make the necessary measurements and transfer the computer project to your living room.

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To finally complete the entire image of the living room you need to use some details. With them you can also help a specialist.

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But if you are based on your own feelings, then you can choose the necessary details, such as, all kinds of vases, pictures, figurines and much more. It is important not to overdo the small things, they can spoil everything and make the living room not cozy.

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Do not need to buy bright furniture for small rooms in dark colors. It will visually reduce the space. It will seem that there is nothing in the room except this bright sofa.

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Bright colors should be applied correctly, for example, in the color of accessories: in pillows, topiarias, floral compositions and much more.

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In the living room in black, curtains made of dense material will look great. They can be either dark or light.

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Curtains can complement the unusual tulle. Properly selected curtains will create coziness and complete the composition. Light curtains and furniture in combination with dark walls will create a black and white interior of the living room.

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We hope that now the design of the black living room does not seem so difficult and impossible for you. We wish you success in creating a new interior.

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