Blue living room - 45 photos of cozy design ideas with blue

In the modern world there is a huge selection of materials and technologies for decorating rooms. You can choose a design for every taste and style, as well as in any color compositions.

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Manufacturers of finishing materials offer a huge variety of colors. Sometimes it is not easy to decide with a choice.

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Usually, considering the design of the living room, warm colors are preferred. Many interior in such shades seems warmer and cozy.

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Although the opinion of modern designers on this issue is quite different. With a competent approach, the living room, decorated in blue tones, will look very fresh and no less cozy.

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In search of successful solutions, for advice, you can always turn to professionals. In this article, we will talk about all the subtleties of the blue interior.

Features of the drawing room in blue color

If you decide that the blue color in the design of the living room is your option, we'll tell you about some features of working with this color, without considering which one should not expect a good result.

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Blue contemporary style, romantic interior living room

First, when choosing a color, it is very important to consider the dimensions of the room. If the main color is blue, then know that it visually expands the space.

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Therefore, it is better to use it in the design of smaller rooms.

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Secondly, it is very important to choose the right lighting for the room in this color. Lighting should be bright enough, plentiful. It is better to use yellow lamps.

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Third, in addition to indoor lighting, the room should have enough daylight.

It is desirable that the living room windows face the south side of the building. For a room in which there are not many windows, blue design will be an excellent option. In a dark room it is best not to use it.

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And the last. To ensure that the blue living room does not look cold and boring, the blue color must be supplemented with other colors. You need to know what colors you can combine with blue, and with what you should not.

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On the pages of design magazines and on the Internet you can find a lot of photos of blue living rooms that will help you decide on a choice.

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Choosing color combinations

As mentioned above, in the design of the living room, the choice of the right color combinations is very important. It depends on it whether the room will be cozy and comfortable.

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To create a mood in the interior, the blue color can be combined with orange or yellow. Brown color will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

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In the blue interior, brown should be kept in small quantities. White and red shades in blue will create a marine theme, fill the room with the spirit of romance.

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The interior, decorated in beige-blue shades looks very elegant and luxurious. Beige tones should be present in small details. Warm beige will make the interior cozy.

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In combination with properly selected interior items, the interior decoration will look very stylish.

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When choosing a white color as an additional, the room will be filled with a special elegance, austerity and conciseness. This design will help to relax, relax from the hustle and bustle.

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In such an interior, you should not make bright accents. Everything should be in pastel, gentle tones. White-blue background can be supplemented with vanilla, pearl, light pink or milky objects.

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The blue color in the interior will create an atmosphere of lightness and weightlessness. According to psychologists, this color helps to relax and relax, to put in order thoughts.

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A well-chosen combination of colors will help make your interior original and stylish. Given all the subtlety of blue, you are sure to find the most successful design decision.

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Do not be afraid to experiment. Good luck!

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