Blue living room - a beautiful and bright combination of

Most people find the blue color too dark. But if you combine it with different tones of other colors, you can achieve luxury.

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Blue color, like the color of the sky and the sea, will never get bored, because it is compared with nature.

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That's why it is used to create your living room.

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Interior of a blue living room

Tones of blue in the interior of the living room set the person to rest and creativity. Tenderness is associated with light shades, while the darker ones are excited by someone, and someone is being strained.

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If you make a blue living room, then its windows, which is on the south side, should be painted in blue shades. They will refresh the room and carry a light coolness.

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If you want to turn the living room into a rest room, you should pay attention to the darker colors of blue. To the room was not very dark, you can dilute it with light colors.

The walls and ceilings in the living room in blue

If you are the owner of a small living room, then make it more comfortable to help the shades of blue. They help visually increase the size of the room.

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For this, it is not necessary to make the whole room blue. Having made at least one wall in blue tones, you can already notice the changes in the size of the living room. To make the room seem a little higher, use the blue color for the ceiling and light gentle shades for the walls.

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Having a large living room, you do not need to paint it completely in blue, as it can make the room a bit empty and cold. But if you are a fan of this color and want to make the walls blue, then furniture should choose light colors.

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Combination of blue

In order to correctly select the combo colors to blue, use these guidelines for combining:

Light colors are more suited to the background for various accessories, and darker colors for decoration of furniture.

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Having painted a room using more blue, do not forget that to make the room not cold, you need to add a little warm shades. The blue room with a little bit of yellow looks stunning.

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The room, decorated only in blue shades, will seem a bit gloomy. The solution to this problem is to cover the floor with light tones.

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It looks good with blue color, gray and gold. But they need to be used as an accent for the room.

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Furniture in the blue living room

It is not easy to make a choice of furniture for the blue interior of the living room. To improve it, you should listen to the advice of professional designers.

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1. If you chose furniture with a light blue upholstery, the furniture in turn should be gentle shades - the walls are gray and white, and the furniture in blue.

Blue contemporary style, romantic interior living room

2. The best choice is not the oversaturation of blue in the room, but rather the use of light colors for furniture.

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3. If the room furniture is blue, then the presence of light accessories is simply a must.

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Accessories in the living room are blue

Curtains in the living room with ceilings and walls of blue hues are chosen from light colors - white, beige or golden. Well, if you want to focus on blue, then it's worth to make curtains to make blue shaded colors, they can also shade the room from the sun.


In the design of the living room in blue, the curtains of the turquoise shade will be good, as they will add a little bit of lightness. You can also add blue pillows, a rug or a vase.

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The sea theme will bring to the room a bit of subtlety and originality, for example various corals or sea shells.

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To properly decorate the living room in blue and in any other color, the right approach is necessary. In order for your room to be luxurious and chic, it is worth using designer services.

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Photo of the blue living room

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