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From year to year, designers create more and more different combinations and combinations of colors. Their unusualness sometimes surprises, it seems that the colors seem completely incompatible, but with the light hand of professionals, sometimes masterpieces are obtained.

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What colors to choose for interior decoration of the living room? What colors are in harmony with each other, and which are not?


We ask such questions very often. But there is nothing impossible: you just have to watch the fashion, try and experiment. And for help in choosing the final option, you can always contact a specialist.

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Bordeaux color has long been considered the color of kings, a symbol of wealth and luxury.

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If you decide to create a burgundy interior for the living room, you need to think over what additional colors and details in it harmoniously fit.

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After all, an overabundance of burgundy color can create a depressing situation in the room. Below are photos of burgundy living rooms that can help you in choosing:

With what to combine a burgundy color

Many specialists would answer that for this color there are no barriers. But still in the interior with him you need to be careful.

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This color can be used as the main color, and as a color for arranging bright accents. In the second case, the interior will look no less spectacular. The shade of aged wine is perfect for decorating the living room walls, creating a bright accent and a soulful atmosphere.

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The burgundy color is warm, muffled. The most successful combination is obtained with beige, cream or light gray shades.

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If you want to bring luxury to the interior, you can add to the burgundy gold or silver shades. If you want to give the interior austerity, then burgundy should be combined with black.

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Bordeaux color perfectly matches with white. If the living room is well lit, then white color will be very handy. This room will charge you with energy, give confidence.

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The combination of Bordeaux and Brown is considered a classic. Brown perfectly emphasizes the beauty of burgundy shades, in this room you will feel protected from everyday fuss.

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Very unusual and beautiful looks Bordeaux combined with blue shades. This combination gives the room futuristic.

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Burgundy in details

Bordeaux in the interior of the living room should not be too much. Otherwise, the atmosphere of the room will become heavy, tense, tiring.

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If you decide to decorate in this color of the wall, you can consider the option when the burgundy will be only one of the four sides. Add to this interior can be details of burgundy shades.

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Excellent look at the background of light colors of pastel colors of borax curtains. The claret carpet in the room will add elegance and chic, will be an indicator of the excellent taste of the owners.

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To give the interior a special luxury, you can add soft furniture in claret color. To give a bright accent, such furniture can be decorated with pillows of light, contrasting shades.

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Very harmoniously, this furniture will look against the background of blue walls. A special style of the room will help to give leather furniture burgundy color.

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Very often burgundy is used in oriental style. In addition, golden shades are added to the burgundy interior.

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Gold shades in this case should be present "in moderation", in some small details of the decor, in the form of patterns on the walls or on the floor.

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Now you know with what colors you can combine burgundy and in what details to use it best. You can easily take up the design of the burgundy living room, following our recommendations. We wish you successful solutions!

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