Brick room - 90 photos of unusual wall decor in the living

At first glance, the brick room is simple and ugly. But in our time this idea is quite popular and stylish.

brick-built living room (1)

Brick decoration in the living room accentuates the design idea.

brick-built living room (1)

Beautifully look at the brick wall black and white photographs and paintings in an antique frame. In the past, for economy, the surface was left in the original form, and now it is an indicator of the delicate taste of the owners of the house.

Suitable styles for a brick living room

Some directions allow to enter a laying from a brick in a decor of a premise.

brick-built living room (4)

The idea of ​​a loft. Here, brick elements are a prerequisite.

brick-built living room (7)

Country idea. In this direction, wooden parts are provided, in which bricks will fit well.

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brick-built living room (8)

Scandinavian idea. Brick elements are suitable, but only white.

brick-built living room (9)


Brick Living Room (10)

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The modern shine is chic.

brick-built living room (11)

A brick wall in the interior of the living room helps to separate the room into non-functional areas.

brick-built living room (12)

Terrific will look at the background of the brick furnishings of furniture beige shades.

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brick-built living room (13)

If the brick wall is too heavy for space, then you can improve the look with a blanket on the couch, but of a different color or hang a frame with photos on the walls, hang curtains of rags on the walls, use a rug with a thick pile for flooring.

brick-built living room (14)

Photos of the brick living room in this article will help you figure out how to use this kind of surface.

Brick Living Room (15)

The original interior of the living room with a brick wall

In order to highlight the zones of the room it is not necessary that the whole wall be brick. Very often the material is imitated with tiles, wallpapers, plastic panels.

The wallpaper, which depicts a brick, is ideal for modern or high - tech ideas.

Tiles - this is generally the best option for visualization, so it is often used by specialists, when designing different kinds of premises.

brick-built living room (24)

Living room with a brick wall sometimes narrows the space, then in this case it is better to imitate the decoration of the tiles or even on the desired area to paste wallpaper with a picture of a brick.

Brick Living Room (25)

For designers, such a surface is very interesting, because it can carry out many experiments. The main thing before work is to treat the wall with antifungal and antiseptic agents.

Brick Living Room (26)

And only after carrying out such procedures it is possible to proceed with registration. When the design of a drawing room with a brick wall is selected, special attention is paid to a shade. The palette of bricks can be the most diverse.

Brick Living Room (27)

If suddenly you could not find the right color, do not despair simply paint the wall with a tone that harmoniously joins the overall design decision.

brick-built living room (28)

White shade of bricks in the living room

If you do not like ordinary brickwork, this problem can easily be fixed by painting the surface with white paint.

Brick Living Room (29)

Living room with a brick wall, and even a light color, can visually enlarge the room and create a cozy atmosphere. This option has a number of advantages.

Brick Living Room (30)

  • In the living room with white walls, the brick will join the general style of the room, and will attract attention with texture.
  • The surface background allows you to place furniture of any other color indoors.
  • The painted wall can be washed with detergents.
  • It is not necessary to leave the wall in natural tone. The material is painted in all the possibilities of color according to one's own desires and direction.

Brick Living Room (31)

The white brick wall is a huge space for fantasy, because it serves only to supplement the general interior and therefore its background can be very different.

Brick Living Room (32)

Relying on the above information, you will completely cope with the decoration of the brick wall in the living room. Experiment and everything will turn out.

Brick Living Room (33)

Photo of a brick drawing room

Brick Living Room (34)

Brick Living Room (35)

brick-built living room (36)

Brick Living Room (37)

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Brick Living Room (39)

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Brick Living Room (53)

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Brick Living Room (55)

Brick Living Room (56)

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