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During the Soviet Union, the entire design of the living room was limited to the installation of several cabinets, awning of carpets, no importance was given to the ceiling. More often all this part of the room was simply whitewashed, the chandelier was hung and, as it were, the design was finished. Now the ceiling is perceived differently, as part of the interior.


The ceiling in the kitchen, in the bedroom, does not require special decoration, while the living room is like a visiting card of any house, and it should be perfect.

Types of ceilings


This species is popular, and you can meet it in almost any apartment. At the heart of it is a plaster solution applied to the ceiling. Next, putty, finishing with paint, wallpaper.


A distinctive feature of the ceiling is durability and durability. This is ideal for rooms with low ceilings, because it does not sneak the height of the room. The ceiling is decorated with stucco.


The decoration of the ceiling in the living room with a plaster ceiling requires an ideal design, otherwise cracks develop over time. If the base of the ceiling is not even, this option also does not work, because it's ungrateful to level the ceiling.


Stretched ceiling

Feature lies in the presence of a profile of aluminum, plastic, which is attached to the base of the ceiling. The profile of the fabric is made of fabric or vinyl.

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During the installation, a wide variety of invoices can be obtained.


Stretch ceilings in the living room are easy to maintain, special care is not required. The operational period of such a ceiling is about ten years. If the neighbors suddenly flood, then the ceiling will withstand the pressure of water, so that the room will not damage the things.


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The main disadvantage of this ceiling is the sensitivity to temperature changes. Ceilings in the heat of sagging, in the cold can lose elasticity, from this deteriorates the presentability of the appearance.


Suspended ceiling

The suspended ceiling system is spreading. The ceiling in favor among other ceilings due to reliable, sturdy construction, low cost, easy installation. The ceilings perfectly hide the numerous defects in the ceiling, its curvature, and also the communications going under the ceiling.

suspended-ceiling-of-gypsum cardboard22

The modular ceiling consists of panels that are attached to the frame. Cozy ceilings of the living room do not attach.

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Solid ceiling - consists of a monolithic sheet of plasterboard. In appearance, the ceiling is pleasant, eco-friendly, can be decorated, you can play the form.


The main drawback of this ceiling is the understatement of the ceiling, because the frame is mounted, the suspension is suspended, and then the panels are fastened.


Two-level ceiling

The story goes to a flat ceiling, because more often when performing repairs, the ceiling is trying to diversify. Many people want to combine it harmoniously with other parts of the interior.

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Two-level ceiling кроме того, что стильный и необычный, еще и функциональный.


Multilevel ceilings

This version of the ceiling significantly reshapes the living room, giving plastic and volume. This ceiling emphasizes all parts of the room, visually divides into zones.


Such a ceiling changes the geometry of the room, hides surface irregularities. With such a ceiling, just fix the lack of planning.


Finishing materials

  • Plaster is the main material. There are a lot of use cases, and everything depends on the desired final result. The result will be boring, simple, not bad. To brighten the ceiling, you need to paint the plaster.
  • The ceiling of plasterboard in the living room takes a leading position. In the process of decoration it is an integral element. The material is not very expensive, it's simple to install, it allows you to create any shape, the surface makes it smooth.
  • MDF in the filing of the ceiling is used increasingly.
  • Cloth, film.

living room12

Color of the ceiling

Planning the ceiling design in the living room, it is worth taking seriously the choice of color.

Multilevel ceilings

On the Internet a lot of photo ceilings in the living room, beautifully decorated. Used for decor stucco, painting, beams, stickers. There are a lot of decor options, and the choice is yours.


Photo of beautifully decorated ceilings in the living room



Ceiling_in the living room_2017







Ceiling_in the living room_2017








living-room-vaulted-ceiling-living-room-ideas-living-room-with-vaulted-ceiling-planks-and-rafters-livingroom-vaulted ceiling-exposed rafters-livingroomrafters-plank ceiling-celia-welch-interiors




Tension-ceilings-in-the living room

Tension-ceilings-in-the living room1










stretch-ceiling-in-living room-18-sq. m

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