Chandelier in the living room - how to make the right choice

Lighting in an apartment or a private house is very important. Very often, improperly executed lighting presents your living space not in the most attractive form. How can this be avoided?

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To understand this issue, let's look at how a practical chandelier in the living room can transform the look of the whole room.


Chandelier from crystal in the interior of the hallway will always look exquisitely and unrepeatably. Chandeliers for the living room in a modern style look great in new apartments and private homes. Any chandelier has not only a practical, but also an important aesthetic value for the room.


Correctly executed lighting is very important, in addition, an attractive ceiling chandelier in the living room will be an excellent addition to any decor and will be able to bring your own zest to the interior.


For example, it can be a small chandelier in the interior of the living room with unique and bright plafonds. This unique and quite practical beauty will look great under the ceiling and delight all the residents of the house.

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Chandelier Selection

Chandelier is recommended to choose from a large number of different parameters. First of all, you should pay attention to the style of execution and color, as well as the room where you plan to hang it. Now, there is a fairly large selection of chandeliers, so there will be no special difficulties in this moment.


Modern chandeliers in the living room can be made in different colors and style of execution, which will give the room an individuality and recognizability.

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Types of chandeliers

Now there is a rather wide variety of chandeliers, which basically differ in their type of installed plafonds. Here, there are several basic types, such as:

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  • Crystal chandeliers. These subjects look very refined and modern enough, but they do not fit all the rooms.
  • Chandeliers candles. These chandeliers are quite large and not quite suitable for rooms that have a relatively small area.
  • Chandeliers with a shade. This chandelier easily fits into the standard concept of the interior of the room.
  • Classically, chandeliers. This is a universal and very practical type of chandelier, because it is suitable for any interior. The classic chandelier in the living room will look practical and quite impressive, almost in any interior of the room.


Chandeliers can have differences in design. Therefore, they are divided into several types:

Ceiling chandeliers. These chandeliers are attached directly to the ceiling, they do not have long legs, as well as various chains and other attributes. This type of lighting will be a good solution for rooms that have a low ceiling.

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Chandeliers on the bar. There are various configurations of this lighting device. In these chandeliers, the installed ceiling lights can be located in different directions. On some chandeliers they go down, while on the other, they go up.

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Chandeliers with a suspension. This type of lighting is suitable for quickly solving issues with lighting.


Chandelier Selection к интерьеру

The main rule, which should be guided in this case, is the combination of this lighting device with the general interior of the room where it will be installed. For example, some admit a very common mistake - they choose a chandelier for various modern interior elements, which has a large number of various suspensions and other elements.


Such a chandelier will not look modern and the lighting will not be comfortable. You can see the photo of the chandelier in the living room and choose the most suitable option for you.


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