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Planning the design of the living room, we try to think over the nuances of the interior to the smallest detail: walls, floors, furniture, shelves, lamps etc. But this harmony can at one point destroy the incorrectly selected curtains. And let them once they were invented solely as protection from the sun and someone else's curiosity.


Everything is changing, and today curtains in the interior of the living room are designed to tie together all the elements of the situation.

Types of curtains

In order to choose from the unlimited variety of modern curtains in the living room those that will successfully emphasize your sense of style, you need to familiarize yourself with their basic views. Curtains are divided into several features:


Presence of lambreken

Lambrequin is a decorative detail hiding the cornice. This element visually raises the ceiling and changes the proportions of the windows.


Soft fabric lambrequin is usually used when decorating a living room with a romantic or classic style. For its production use curtain fabric, similar to the main structure, but a different color.


Hard lambrequin is attached to the wall above the cornice and visually changes the size of the window. It is more practical, as it fits perfectly into any style.

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If the ceilings in the room are high enough, and the windows are proportional, the need for lambrequin disappears. Moreover, it will be successfully replaced by a stylish modern cornice.



Designers are almost always advised to hang long curtains on the windows in the living room: they visually raise the ceiling, and with the right arrangement, they also spread the space.


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Short curtains in the living room are used in exceptional cases, when the window sill performs the function of a table or the furniture stands close to the window.


Eyelets or rings

Unlike the usual fastening rings, the eyelet is inserted directly into the cloth of the curtain, and then is passed through the cornice, which makes it completely invisible. Curtains, fixed on the eyelets, look weightless and exquisite, beautifully streaming through the window. This innovation will decorate absolutely any style.

Eyelets or rings

Curtains for bay window

Erker - the architectural refinement, allowing to expand the space of the premises for several meters. Simply put, it's a protrusion in the wall. Erker in the form of a trapezium advantageously underlines the curtains sewn separately on each window, and a semicircular ledge allows to hang one curtain along its entire radius.

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The rules for choosing curtains in the living room with two windows

Often in the living room there is not one but two windows (sometimes more). Then when choosing the design of curtains in the living room, you should remember a few simple but very useful rules.

living room with two windows

Be sure to be the same as the fabric of both curtains, and how to attach them to the cornices. By the way, the cornices should also be like twin brothers.


The windows, located side by side on the same wall, are decorated as one - with the center in the middle of the wall. If the windows are far away, they are issued separately, but exactly the same.


Curtains in the living room with balcony

The choice of curtains for the living room with a balcony should be approached particularly seriously, because they will be constantly shifted, opening the balcony door.


Ideal - sliding curtains. They easily drape the entrance to the balcony, and if necessary, move such curtains, too, will not be difficult.


Lifting curtains in the oriental style will allow to break into separate zones a balcony and a window.


The most practical solution is the blinds. But practical - does not mean the most successful. No matter how you beat the blinds in the interior, the sense of office space will not be lost anywhere.


How to choose curtains for the style of the living room

Whichever fabric you choose and at whatever length you stop, there is one golden rule for all curtains: they must fit in the style of the interior. After reading this article, you can easily select for your living room ideal curtains. So, let's look at the most popular styles for living rooms and curtain options for them.


Modern style

Curtains in the living room in a modern style are usually straight and plain, from any type of fabric. The color range is light, organically suitable to the colors of the interior, or vice versa - contrasting, bright.



For the classical style, curtains are characteristic, combining dense heavy curtains with organza. They are universal: in the daytime light fabric misses a sufficient amount of light, and in the evening it can be fenced off from the whole world by simply pulling the opaque curtains. In the classic curtains a special role is assigned - to be an accent part of the interior. Therefore, the choice of colors should be taken responsibly.



This is a rustic style, it means that the curtains in it should be simple, with a simple drawing. The color should be in harmony with the blue scale typical for this style.



Style means light, monochrome translucent curtains of extremely simple cut. Drawings, sequins, ornaments - this is not all here. Here, the curtains perform only their basic functions - close the window opening and no more, as seen in the next photo of the curtains in the living room.


East style

Japanese curtains-panels are ideal for zoning rooms, decorated in both Oriental style, and in the style of high-tech or eclecticism. They are very practical, and laconic design visually expands the space.

East style


The design of the living room in the style of vintage - a wonderful occasion to learn from the experience of the past in the design of windows. Heavy flowing fabrics will add romance to the interior. It is important to remember that the drawing of such curtains should be appropriate to the style of the whole room. Decor in the form of pompoms or fringe is welcome.



This is an extraordinary style for creative people, creating a sense of a kind of orderly chaos (no matter how wild it may sound). Here your imagination has the full right to unlimited freedom without regard to all sorts of design conventions. And therefore - include fantasy and create!


Photo novelties of beautiful curtains in the interior of the living room



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