Green living room - 65 photos of the best ideas how to

Most of us prefer a neutral gamut in your home. To do this, choose light colors and shades, which are diluted with bright accents.

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This interior looks quite comfortable, but at the same time boring. To create a fresh and unusual design, it is better to choose a bright color palette.

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Recently, for the decoration of the living room, the most popular color is green. It helps create an atmosphere of summer freshness, which excellently raises the mood in a cold winter season.

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The color scheme of this color, offers at your choice a huge number of shades that help create a stylish zone for the reception of guests.

Green in the interior of the living room

When choosing a living room in green it is important to consider the following recommendations:

Light and calm shades of green, help create a warm and peaceful environment in the living area. Neutral color, beneficial effect on a person's mental state. It promotes complete relaxation after difficult everyday life;

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To create a luxurious environment, it is recommended to stay at a darker and more saturated colors. Applying an emerald shade, you can create a unique and refined design that will not leave anyone indifferent;

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A noble olive, helps create a neutral environment between human comfort and a luxurious interior. Olive is considered a warm enough color, which helps create a stylish atmosphere of coziness;

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A dark shade of green, recommended in rooms with a wide layout, then the interior will not seem too heavy.

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Several color solutions in the design of the green living room, helps to make the room visually wider and more spacious. In this case, one part of the room can have a rather rich color, and the other is more neutral.

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Use bright colors with a glossy pigment to be neat enough. Living room in green colors requires a balance.

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In order to dilute the atmosphere of freshness in the room, many designers use a combination of warm colors and shades. For example, the duet of green and yellow looks great.

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The main background in the interior is green. Yellow color is present in the form of textiles and decor items. Apply saturated gamma is not recommended in the reception area.

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The room is decorated in soft colors, it helps to create a cozy atmosphere.

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For small rooms, the option of combining the kitchen area and the living room is suitable. It is important to take into account the presence of necessary household items and comfort in the guest area.

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The green kitchen lounge can combine juicy paints of furniture items and neutral shades of textile design.

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Original living rooms in green tones

Make a stylish green interior of the living room will help various trifles performed in this shade. It is not at all necessary to decorate walls and ceilings in juicy colors. Textiles can be present in the design, as well as a floor covering in green.

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Surfaces of walls can be: white, beige, light yellow. The interior of the green living room photo will acquaint you with a variety of options for applying a green tint in the walls of the living space.

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Experienced designers are able to create an incredibly cozy interior of the country living room in your home. For this, there is absolutely no need to have a huge area of ​​the room for the reception of guests and loved ones.

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With the help of a color solution, even the smallest space to turn into a spacious room.

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The main thing in this matter is to correctly observe the balance of color saturation and the presence of decorative elements. In the photo of the green living room, you will note a competent combination of all the subtleties of modern design.

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Photo of the design of the green living room

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