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Upholstered furniture plays a key role in decorating the living room. Furniture, decorated with leather, always symbolized prosperity and luxury.

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Now, not only wealthy people, but also middle-income consumers, can please themselves with such sofas and armchairs.

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Thanks to the progress and introduction of new technologies into production, the situation has radically changed. There was an opportunity to tighten furniture with high-quality artificial leather.

It is quite practical and very affordable. The leather lounge perfectly fits into any interior.

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Pros and cons of leather goods

Leather furniture for the living room is a beautiful decoration for any home. She has a lot of advantages, but there are also drawbacks. First, consider the positive aspects.

  • This upholstery is easy to clean from ordinary dirt and dust. The liquid is also not absorbed into it.
  • Leather furniture looks great.
  • Leather items are almost free from abrasion. Yes, and to break them will have to try hard.
  • This material is not toxic.

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But there are certain drawbacks to such furniture. And they can not be ignored.

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  • Damaged interior items, upholstered in leather, can be any sharp object. The child pierced the handle, the cat put out the claws - and that's all. Furniture is hopelessly spoiled.
  • The price of genuine leather is prohibitive.
  • If the furniture is drawn with a pen or felt-tip pen, then removing such spots will be almost impossible.

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How to choose upholstered furniture

The choice should be approached with all responsibility, because these items are bought for a long period. The interior of the living room with leather furniture simply should not have flaws.

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Here are a few basic rules that should guide you in choosing.

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First of all, look at the upholstery. It should not be rough or hard. The line can not cause doubt. Only flat and, preferably, double.

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Required quality, durable frame. If you choose a leather sofa in the living room, it is better that the base is metal.

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Before buying, be sure to check the comfort of the armrests and the height of the backrest. To do this, simply sit on the product that you are going to purchase.

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When choosing the color of upholstered furniture, be guided by the design of the room, in which it will later be located. Remember that the palette of synthetic paints is much richer than natural. In addition, they do not burn out. It's also worth considering that if you have kids, then it's better not to take too light furniture.

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Size also needs to be selected, focusing on design. Plus it is worth considering the dimensions of the room and the number of people who will use this very furniture. Also on the size of interior items will depend on their price.

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Be sure to pay attention to the mechanism of transformation, especially if it will often be used as a sleeper.

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Before you go to the store you can see on the Internet a photo of a leather living room, so that you can at least roughly imagine what you want.

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Sofa, as the main piece of furniture

The leather sofa in the interior of the living room most often plays a key role. After all, without him, there is no room for guests.

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Yes, and relax after a hard day, we often fall on the sofa.

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The leather product fits perfectly into any of the modern interiors. But still it is best suited to the classical design. The most common color of the upholstery is black.

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He is practical, noble and looks rich enough. Elegant black is only a white sofa. But its impracticality will immediately discard such furniture in second place.

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Other interior items

In addition to the sofa, there is a wide choice of armchairs, chairs and pouffes with leather upholstery. More often for a guest room the set consisting of two armchairs and a sofa is got.

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If you have a large number of guests, you can also buy a pair of pouffes.

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Maintenance and care of furniture from the skin

Do not use solvents to clean the skin. Also, the use of powders and coarse brushes is not recommended.

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The liquid from the surface should be removed immediately with a soft sponge. Do not use a dryer or iron for drying. After such processing the furniture will be hopelessly spoiled.

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For cleaning, use only special skin care products.

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Photo of leather furniture in the interior of the living room

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