Lilac room - 80 photos of the perfect combination of shades

The living room in lilac color looks reserved and at the same time noble, and at the same time very unusual.

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The shade is very complicated, but if you approach the interior correctly, you can easily make it more rigorous, brighter, even memorable.

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Winning combinations of lilac

Lilac tone is considered to be borderline, because it is something average in the transition from red to blue.

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Light lilac color is very gentle and so girlish, touching, the palette is poured with a pink palette. And if we talk about the dark shade of color, then he any interior room, living room or bedroom, makes more positive.

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A lilac is ideally highlighted on a light background, against a white background. If you dilute the design of the lilac living room in gray, then the room will immediately reflect the masculine principle, that is, you can easily decorate a bachelor's den in this way.

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The interior of the living room will not be sugary in the event that instead of banal pink to introduce a lilac in tandem with reserved shades.

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So, if you look through the Internet numerous photos of the lilac living room, you can see how well the lilac shade looks with its thoughtful combination with interior items of black, blue or brown.

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If you want to get a refined combination in the final version, then it makes sense to pay attention to light shades of brown, for example, beige or even sand. Interior will be refined, with a touch of chic.

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Thinking over the lilac interior of the living room, it is important first of all to hear yourself, to be guided by your preferences and emotions that arise when you see the color, and only then on the trendy trends.

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So, the choice of this or that color and shade will tell a lot about the owner of the room. To the lilac give their preference to creative individuals.

Surface design

In order to create a unique lilac design in the center of the apartment, sometimes it's enough to paste on the walls a single-color or wallpaper with the appropriate color.

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But sometimes this is not enough, it seems very simple, and therefore other methods are used. So, you can select a zone in the room, for example, after covering one wall in a saturated tone, and decorate the rest with gentle shades. It is considered to be a successful combination such as beige and lilac.

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The walls, decorated in lilac color, are most advantageously combined with light furniture. Decor is chosen bright - lemon, pink, blue.

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Lilac color in the interior of the living room, executed in a minimalist style, always looks impressive, especially in combination with snow-white. If the style of art deco, then the walls must be saturated. Curtains are selected a little lighter than the basic tone of the room.

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The ceiling is made in white, in light and not flashy shades of lilac.

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If in a room walls are pasted in dark-colored wallpaper, then the furniture is chosen light, and vice versa - against the background of various bright surfaces - walls and floor, ceiling, looks better furniture made in dark colors.

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Fresh interior looks in beige with impregnations of lilac color, for example, if pillows in lilac pillowcases are carelessly scattered on a light sand sofa.

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To enhance the perception of color and the impression of it, it is worth considering lighting. If there is a possibility, then the windows should be open, and if the curtains are made of dense fabric, then the tulle is as light as possible.

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To make a chic in the interior of a new room, accessories are used - vases and paintings, figurines.

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Not often you can find a living room in this color, but if you approach the case correctly, a unique interior will be created that will not leave anyone indifferent.

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Photo of the living room in lilac color

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