Living room 16 m² - 75 photos of unusual ideas how to design

Thanks to the right selection of colors in the design of the living room, you can make it comfortable and aesthetic. To do this, it is necessary to move away from standard ideas and give the interior a certain "flavor".

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Thus, even typical rooms will acquire a stylish appearance.

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Designs with loft elements

Loft - an architectural style that appeared in the 20-21 centuries, when the upper floors of industrial buildings were converted into living quarters or workshops. We bring to your attention the design options of the living room of 16 sq.m. with elements of this style.

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Option: laminate on the ceiling

Courageous individuals will appreciate the extraordinary approach in choosing a laminate "wenge" as a material for the central section of the ceiling. And gloominess is compensated for by the rationally selected proportion of colors of other elements of the interior.

A game of contrasts is created in a combination of details from light cream shades to black and black-brown. Interior originality is expressed in an unusual chandelier with a lot of metal branches with flashlights.

laminate on the ceiling (2)

To them, in shape and color, elements of decor are selected, for example, a table lamp or bookshelves with metal handrails. The interior is completed by an unusual wardrobe. Its glossy facade is light in color, visibly lengthens the space and gives a rich exclusive.

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Option: brick wall

Use in the design of the living room of 16 sq.m. elements similar to the designs of factory buildings, is gaining popularity. This room would look standard, if not for a wall resembling an uneven brickwork.

brick wall (1)

The living room visually seems more, due to black and white interior elements and a glossy ceiling. A bright chair of ultramarine color and avant-garde paintings, dilute monotony.

brick wall (2)

Option: nature and city

Design is performed in dry contrast, with dilution of gray hue (concrete) with bright elements (nature). In the interior there is a gray wall and rectangular forms of furniture, which is inherent in urban landscapes, but the room feels a natural atmosphere.

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nature and city (1)

This is achieved by using a "natural" texture of doors and shelves in a soft nut tone, a carpet that resembles a green lawn and a completely non-standard chandelier in the form of a dandelion.

nature and city (2)

Variants of a white-black living room

It is these colors that are used in the design of small rooms. White color (or light shades) is the main color, its antipodal-dark (dark brown hues). The accent in the interior is added by the bright color of the individual elements of the decor.

white-black living room

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Strict office style

Living room 16 sq. M, looks officially and concisely due to the predominance of white and black colors in the interior. Set up to work can rectilinear long rows of book shelves, rectangular completion of all interior details (table, various specially selected accessories).

office style (1)

Imagination will excite the original carpet, the picture of which is made in 3D technique, it looks different from different sides. As you can see, on the photo of the living room of 16 square meters, this element creates an effect of disorder and softens the declared severity.

office style (2)

Fairy-tale world

Cheerfulness in classic white and black shades will add pictures with fairy stories, bright cushions for the sofa, a contrasting carpet, a peculiar chest of drawers, toys. All this will encourage faith in miracles, and household trivia skillfully hide in the spacious sections of the closet.

Fairy-tale world (2)

Emphasis on curtains (African features)

The design project offers to dilute the usual white and black tones in an unusual manifestation - the image of a leopard. And the bright red curtains will surely add to the taste of true African passion.

Fairy-tale world (1)

Vanguard for lovers

The living room is made simply, but with a taste and a sense of style. All elements of the decor made in shades of white and black-brown colors perfectly complement each other.

Vanguard (2)

The design uses elite finishing materials of natural origin.

Vanguard (1)

A series of avant-garde paintings, mounted on secret shelves, ideally combine dark brown curtains with a light floor, and at the same time knock out a room from general views.


Living room in a one-room apartment

The most complex design projects are created for living rooms of one-room apartments. After all, in addition to the main role, the room should be a bedroom and an office, a place for rest and a place for the reception of guests. To do this, you need to properly zonate the room and, if possible, use every centimeter of the area.

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Scandinavian style

Maximum naturalness in the finish, minimum room compulsion.

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Scandinavian style является отражением человеческой любви к природе. Основной цвет отделки белый. Пол, шкаф выполняются в цветах натуральной древесины, ковёр и картины напоминают о цветочных полянах, а контрастные цвета (подушки, тумба) о весенней траве.

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Even with the absence of extra items, the clown looks cozy. At the same time, there are clearly designated zones for work and leisure.

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Classic style

Rich and practical. The classical style includes stucco molding, smooth forms of expensive lamps, draped curtains with tassels, an interestingly designed mirror made to order.

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Modernity in the room produces gray shades, sliding drawers of the bed, geometric patterns of the carpet and pillows, as well as not immediately noticeable above the fireplace TV.

Vanguard 00 (1)

The design project offers two beds, from which it is convenient to watch movies or bask in the fireplace reading books.

Avant-guard 00 (2)

Modern style

Living-bedroom. To save space in the room, the design project offers the installation of a closet in the whole wall (there is enough space for a wardrobe and household trifles for the whole family). The walls and ceiling are painted in obligatory light colors (for visual increase of space).

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Two berths are separated by a special partition, which performs the function of shelves. Open shelves in addition to functionality, visually do not eat up space.

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Thus, thanks to the professional division of the zones - in the living room of 16 sq.m. you can comfortably rest, work and receive guests.

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Conclusion: for small living rooms, regardless of the chosen style, light colors (they increase space) should prevail in the interior, furniture should be not only aesthetic, but, if possible, multifunctional.


For comfort there is a "natural" finish, warm accessories and nice-bright decor elements.

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Photos of the living room 16 sq.m. m.

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