Living room 18 m2 - 70 photos of ideas of unusual layout and

The living room is the most important room in any apartment. Here we meet guests, celebrate celebrations and just spend time with family.

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Since this room is spent more time, the living room should be very cozy, comfortable and functional.

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Now the interest in decorating apartments has grown, the individuality in the rooms is of great importance. The most common today is the size of the living room - 18 square meters. m.

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Which can be a living room of 18 square meters. m. The photo shows the best.

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However, the interior in such a room must be approached competently, so simply photos of design projects are not enough to realize some idea.

Popular styles of interior design

As the statistics show, the living room of 18 square meters is especially common. m in Russia and the countries of the former USSR. Most often these are all known Khrushchev.

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Among the residents of such apartments it is especially popular to decorate the living room in a classical (traditional) style.

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Developing the design of the living room 18 square. m. in the traditional style, special attention is paid to the comfort, functionality of the room. As a rule, in a drawing room spend family rest, therefore in a room a sofa, the TV are obligatory. The hosts here exhibit a family rarity, crystal - everything should be in sight.

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It is not an easy task to combine new trends and functionality in the design in the design. Traditional design just implies a combination of all the above. Despite the fact that in this style there is a generalization of all eras, it never goes out of fashion and does not lose its attractiveness.

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This design concept is characterized by a combination of details of the following epochal styles:

  • Rococo;
  • Classicism;
  • Italian Renaissance;
  • Baroque.

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Of course, there is a modern interpretation of the classical style. The atmosphere also brings family warmth: photographs of family members with memorable moments are placed, souvenirs and handicraft items are placed around the room.

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There is a creative disorder that is combined with a clear and symmetrical arrangement of all subjects. In such a living room, you always want to spend time with your family and friends.

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Basic rules of registration

Before you begin to update the room, it is necessary to determine its purpose. Here the important factors are the number of family members, their age characteristics.

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It is worth considering the number of items that need to be placed in the living room. The living room can act as a bedroom for someone from the tenants or used rarely.

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It is necessary to pay attention to all these nuances, because the need of each member of the family matters.

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Optical zoom

The room, the area of ​​which is 18 square meters. m, not the most spacious. In the layout of such apartments, as a rule, low ceilings. It is necessary to visually increase the space with the help of color scale, textiles, competent arrangement of furniture.

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Ceilings and lighting

Arranging the interior of the living room 18 square meters. m., Special attention should be paid to the design of ceilings. For the ceiling, you should choose a light color scheme, as well as cold faint shades are possible.

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Such colors visually increase the space.

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Lighting plays a very significant role in creating an interior. Optically increase the space will help the application of several types of lighting. They can act, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lighting around the perimeter.

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Particularly effective in this case are spotlights on multi-level ceilings. It's original, stylish and performs the main function - visually enlarges the room, the ceilings seem higher.

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Walls that expand the space

As in the case of the ceiling, when choosing the color scheme of the walls for the living room, dark shades should be avoided. To visually expand the room, it is better to use pastel colors:

  • Shades of beige;
  • Sand;
  • Color of coffee with milk.

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When using this color scheme, the room becomes cozier, more spacious, lighter.

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Today, individuality in the foreground when choosing a design, and just pastel colors of walls and ceilings to someone may seem boring and mundane. If you want to give individuality to a small room, complement the room with contrasts.

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It is enough to paint one of the walls in a darker shade, which will be combined with the color scheme of the rest of the walls.

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For example, with walls of ivory color, one wall of more saturated coffee color will ideally look. This will create the desired effect of expanding the room, as well as give depth and individuality.

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Coatings for walls (wallpaper, painting, priming) are better to choose with vertical strips. This trick helps to increase the height of the walls.

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Choice of sex

Here, the recommendations in the design solutions are light, one-color shades that should be darker with respect to the ceiling.

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Now designers actively use zoning techniques in the interior, this adds functionality to the room, but at the same time, with an illiterate approach, it can make the room even smaller.

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Do not advise to use partitions and screens in such a living room. It is better to place a small carpet, which will be combined with the rest of the decor in the room.

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Tools that will help visually increase the area:

Not the best solution is to install doors in a small living room, they will look gross. It is better to decorate the doorway with beautiful curtains or an arch;

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For some, it will be convenient to expand the doorway. Just do not forget that this requires an official permit;

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Today, the unification of rooms in the apartment is widespread due to the demolition of the walls. In this way, an optimal increase in space can be achieved;

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It will be correct to increase visually the room due to the transparent doors and large windows.

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Choosing furniture

Furniture is selected simple and functional, in order to create a feeling of lightness. Preferably, it will be transparent and also light in color. The best choice would be the closet. With a large mirror, the cabinet will expand the visual perception of the room.

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You can play on the contrast of colors, the main thing in this case is not to overdo it and not to cloud the design.

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It is not necessary to litter the space with small trinkets, if possible, remove them. If you still need to place a lot of accessories, give preference to niche shelves.

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The layout of the living room is 18 square meters. m. is comfort and pleasant family evenings.

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Photo of the living room 18 sq.m. m.

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