Living room 20 sq. m. m - the best ideas of modern living

In the high-rise buildings built in the 90s of last century, almost every living room has a size of 20 squares. This space is enough for experiments on design, implementing the best ideas. The design of the living room of 20 sq.m can be both comfortable and functional, if you listen to the advice of professionals in creating interiors.


Features living room in 20 squares


If the room has the shape of a square, then you can safely arrange on the perimeter or island method. With elongated forms - only along the perimeter. But in them it is possible to form accent zones and zoning - this will visually divide the room: into a recreation area, working and guest. In other words, you can divide it according to your preferences.


Location of window openings

If the room is bright and sunny, then it is equally good looking any color scheme - there is complete freedom of choice and shades and styles. If there is little natural light, then dark shades should be discarded, even if a sufficient number of artificial ones is built in. This approach will make it boring and gloomy.

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An important aspect of creating an interior. After all, a living room of 20 squares can be made furniture so that it will be difficult to move around it. You do not need to overload it with bulky superfluous items, you need to choose the most necessary ones.

kitchen-living room-with-aquarium

Classic style in the living room

At 20 square meters you can create different styles, since there are many admirers of the classics, we will also consider it. The color scheme of the classical style is light with shades of natural wood.


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Это могут быть такие цвета, как: бледно-красный, янтарный, песочные, а также немного бронзы с золотом. Furnishings должна быть сделана из ценных пород дерева. Текстиль натуральный – бархат либо атлас. Классический стиль характеризуется богатством, шиком и состоятельностью, но в пределах разумного.


Do not force her too much. There is enough cupboard with built-in recess for home theater or TV, two armchairs, a sofa and a table. Classical furniture, very massive, and therefore takes up a lot of space. It is better to make a classical drawing room closer to a square form than to a rectangular one.


Style avant-garde

A good choice for the living room will be the style of the avant-garde. He is considered the absolute opposite of the classics. Can simply shock with its unusual and novelty. A special distinctive feature is the asymmetry in the creation of the interior, the accessories must be colorful, throwing, the decoration - three-dimensional.

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A good design idea, where the walls are lined with diamond-shaped or oval geometry. Near the sofa beds a rug with the image of spirals, on it decorative pillows in bizarre pillowcases. The walls are covered with a relief wallpaper coating depicting an abstraction.

The living room design is 17 sq.m.

Avant-garde is the choice of creative personalities, not quite extraordinary, so not everyone will like it.


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Eco-style and its features

Attractively, colorfully and soothingly looks this style in the living room. After all, a characteristic style chart is the desire for nature and naturalness. 20 squares of the living room can be skillfully made a real paradise for relaxation. There are no special rules and restrictions in the reconstruction of this style. The walls can be finished with a coating that mimics a stone or a masonry made of it, the furnishings are made of wood, textiles from translucent and even transparent fabrics.


Features of living room lighting

Whichever of these or its styles has been chosen, the living room requires the correct arrangement of light fixtures, lamps and chandeliers. The play of light creates a special atmosphere, giving the room a rigor and tenderness.

design apartment-18-sq. m

The classical source of lighting is a chandelier, however, one will not be enough, so it is necessary to treat the arrangement of light devices more scrupulously, especially when zoning. For example:

  • In the recreation area, near the sofa and armchairs, the floor lamp will look stylish.
  • A worker has a table lamp.
  • For solemnity - to fit around the perimeter of the living room illumination with colored lights.

design project-kitchen-living room

Options and ideas in this regard there are many you can choose from either of them or create your own. The main thing is not to overdo it and prevent its shortage. Photo of the living room 20 sq. M. m with a unique style of interior design.

lighting-in-the-interior-living-room-18-sq m

Photo interior design living room 20 sq. M. m.










design-design-kitchen-guest house

design-living room-18-sq-m-co-sleeping-area

design-premises-20-sq. m

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living room_20_metres_photo40

living room with kitchen








living room_20_metres_design_photo



design studio apartments-20-sq. m

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