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Compared with the bedroom, the living room is meant for holding identical events, receiving guests. But, to begin with, this room is created to rest in it to all household members.

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Although, each of us has his own understanding of the rest. Some people like to rest in a noisy company of friends or friends.

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And for others, rest means reading books, magazines, watching your favorite movies.

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Anyway, but this room should be not only beautiful, but also necessarily comfortable and comfortable.

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Therefore, we have prepared a selection of the best photo living room from Ikea 2017, where you will see the modern trends of soft and cabinet furniture that perfectly fit into the interior.

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Your house, while raising the mood of absolutely everyone and always.

The modern hall

The new furniture from Ikea in the living room, presented in our catalog, simply amazes how bright and juicy it is.

Doors on cabinets of various colors, pillows in an abundance of color scale, furniture covers and much more. All this well will not let you get bored during the viewing process.

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If you like the more relaxed shades, in this catalog they can also be found very much.

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Sets of furniture to decorate the living room in the style of Ikea look organic, original.

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And thanks to the huge variety presented in this article, you will surely pick the right option, even if you are a very fastidious buyer.

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There are a lot of interesting solutions to keep things. Multifunctional walls, around TV, or wall cabinets of different colors, a small bedside table on wheels, or a miniature coffee table - anything you want!

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With the help of an interesting bedside table with lockers, you can not only restore order in all things, but also decorate the living room of Ikea in the interior in the most original way.

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At the same time, it is absolutely unobtrusive to hide your favorite literature, frames with photos and other little things, to which you are so used. To do this, the closet display case is perfect, showing your favorite items in front of all the guests.

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Thanks to such modern solutions you can create a very interesting and original interior, which will surely become what you will be very proud of.

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Sleeper in the style of Ikea

In the modern catalog there are also options for decorating the sleeping area in this style. For example, a sofa in which a goat is provided.

This is an excellent option to arrange a reception of guests, as well as comfortable rest.

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To make a berth in the design of the living room Ikea, you can choose the perfect version of a small corner sofa.

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Harmony will be the completion with the help of original bed linen. It is very important to choose it according to what the color solution of the entire interior of the living room with a bed.

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Only in this case this room will remain interesting at any time of the day, even at night, even at day time.

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Ikea-style work area

If you relate yourself to those people who work a lot while in the home, but at the same time, you do not have the possibility of personal cabinet equipment, pay special attention to the modular living rooms of Ikea, through which you can organize this room for work in this room.

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Even if you select a very small corner of the hall, it is possible to install a bureau of compact forms from the modern catalog of Ikea 2017.

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But if you choose convenient shelving, the space can be functionally divided into zones. With the help of small compact chests of drawers among working tools will always be complete order.

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After all, they are also very easy, if necessary, simply pushed under the table.

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Hanging shelves will be an excellent addition, and you can place on them important folders with documentation, or other materials necessary for work. And be sure to take care that in this part you have excellent lighting!

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In this you can rely on the stylish table lamp produced by Ikea.

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Photo design of the living room IKEA

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