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Classics has always been considered the most luxurious and luxurious of all. Classical living rooms are large rooms with pretty high ceilings, enough and moderately cozy, expensive and comfortable. Classics never go out of fashion and will not become obsolete. She is not influenced by such a thing as fashion. Therefore, the classic in your living room will always be popular.

Living room in classic style

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  • 57 photos of the classic living room in the interior

The colors of the living room in a classic style

Of course, there should not be any flashy shades in the design. Ideally, all light, calm shades, with different elements of the tree will fit.

Living room in classic style

Certainly, gold and bronze insets will look good, but you should not abuse them with a classical drawing room. As in this classic it is better to choose in favor of pastel tones.

Living room in classic style

All about finishing

Required luxury! This is perhaps the most important element of the entire interior. Classic interior means only expensive and natural materials. For example, furniture and wood flooring, various silk fabrics, and covers. However, if you do not have a million in your bank account, you can find a replacement. For example, now more and more popular are inexpensive imitation of wooden breeds, which are quite suitable instead of natural. The main thing is to be sufficiently similar to natural materials.



For the classic design in the living room, these materials are ideal:

  • Plaster for wood
  • Sockets light
  • A variety of murals
  • Fabrics are expensive, such as silk.
  • Muted light wallpaper


The best is a one-color design in calm colors. The walls themselves should only be in beige and light colors: all shades of cream, beige and others. The main themes of drawings and patterns are vegetable. Read: Interior design of a modern living room - 120 photos of ideas and novelties of interior arrangement



The most beautiful variant for a classical drawing room - a parquet from expensive breeds of various wood (a cherry, an oak). Ideally suitable for art styling. It is also possible to use a variety of carpets only in the form of a rectangle.

Classic Living Room


All have two options for the design of a classic living room. First, this is certainly a light top with a plaster molding around the chandelier. The second, a pattern or plaster molding throughout the ceiling. The height should be flawless. Only then it will look really luxurious.



Lighting - это люстры из хрусталя, золота, бронзы и других дорогих материалов. Люстра обязана быть крупной и желательно иметь много ярусов. Также вполне допустимы люстры имитирующие подсвечники. Сейчас они пользуются большой популярностью.


Classic furniture in the living room

Furniture must be very massive and naturally expensive. Of course, it is worth to choose the noble species of wood. Furniture can also be decorated with decorative elements. For example, carvings or bronze inserts. It will look good from the rocks of a red or dark brown wood. Usually, such furniture is made to order. Also in the living room will be appropriate to look a chest of drawers or a bureau, also with carved ornaments and inserts. All items must be in the same color scheme and have the same elements.



Perfectly complement the living room in a classic style will be a fireplace. It is possible both from cast iron, and from marble. On the shelf from above, you can hoist various decorative elements: for example, figurines or candlesticks. Also a vase of flowers will look good.


Remember that the classic does not tolerate elements in the modern style. All sockets and wires must be minimal or hidden. If you decide to decorate a house with classics, get ready for the costs. But it's worth it!

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57 photos of the classic living room in the interior


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