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Interior design is a business card of each owner. That is why it is so important for everyone that their own housing is transformed with a part of himself, his imagination.

living room-in-style_2017

The interior of the living room in a modern style has such characteristic features as:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Structures are clear
  • Space is a lot of free
  • Things and items maximally functional
  • Colors bright and fresh
  • Textures are combined the most different
  • Technologies use the most modern

Creating your own, unique design, you should take into account some of the nuances:

  • In every modern interior the basis is air, that is, there will be more of it, the much better. It is not at all fashionable to use deaf wall variants, because today the open type of planning is actual, which is divided into functional zones only visually.
  • Elements are grouped. This means that based on the type of room and its destination, furniture, as well as other items, should be grouped according to how functional and what they are intended for.
  • Lighting can be very different. Light just can not be much! Accordingly, the sources used are different, for example, chandeliers and sconces, floor lamps.
  • When choosing furniture, you should take into account that literally everything, cabinets and bedside tables, sofas and ottomans, can have absolutely any shape, as well as color schemes. In this case, minimalism and restraint must necessarily be present. Furniture does not overload the modern living rooms, thus not taking up much space.
  • Accent, which is done with the help of unusual accessories. They can be arranged as if inaccurately, they can have a pattern of bizarre shape with simplicity and at the same time, luxury.

living room-in-style_2017

Modern style is divided into some directions that seek simplicity, as well as a maximum of functionality in each element: high-tech, techno, art deco, modern, vintage, minimalism, kitsch.


The Scandinavian Style

Here, luxury and wealth were never present, which is the reason for coziness with warmth for this style. It should be simple, and the elements should not be used. That's exactly what will be most attractive here. The decor is quite calm, thanks to it the house is cozy and there is nothing superfluous.


For the Scandinavian style, there is a light color palette, as well as warm shades. Panels with walls made of wood. They are painted with pale colors. Coating on the floor - made of wood, also use the floorboard / laminate.


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Furniture necessarily has convenience and practicality. Lighting is made of an artificial type. Chandeliers are made of pale matte type glass. All this best characterizes Scandinavia.


The main focus here - a wooden oven made of ceramics, which is installed in the hall. Also, must be woven baskets, glass vases, simple types of patterns.


Industrialism and loft

The loft implies different variants of open spaces. They are achieved through planning, even if the premises are very small. This trend - a native of America, where various institutions, such as factories and factories, converted into living quarters.

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living room-in-style_2017

The main concept of this style is the absence of walls that separate space. Premises are divided into zones using contrasting color options, or lighting. It is acceptable to use glass partitions, but the general trend of the interior style should not be violated.


The loft combines industrial features with modernity. For example, unprocessed types of bricks, flooring from boards, beams for floors, combined with chrome details, as well as new and modern household appliances are very popular.

living room-in-style_2017

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You can use any furniture, even antiques will be appropriate here! Nevertheless, one should be very cautious with the subjects of the bourgeoisie.

living room-in-style_2017

The issue of coverage is very important. In the loft it must be a lot, windows are necessarily large, start in some layouts right from the floor! Do not use curtains / curtains, there should be a lot of light, and the more it is, the better!

living room-in-style_2017

Minimalism-living room in modern style

Since the eighties people began to strive for simplicity. Just at that moment the most popular minimalism began to change postmodernism. Among its main factors is the geometry of forms, the minimum number of details. Yes, accessories can also be used, but they must be minimalistic, that is, necessarily in geometric shapes.


Here, decorations are not acceptable, for example, as old paintings set in carved frames, small fountains, statues, and other elements. But, as for abstraction, if they are made for constructive painting, the minimalist interior will be perfectly complemented by them.


Look at the proposed options for a photo living room in a modern minimalist style. On them at once it is possible to notice, that rather considerable role is played by a sufficient amount of free space. In the room there should be nothing heavy, cluttering, it is not necessary to furnish with different chairs and armchairs, cabinets and other. Chairs choose simple shapes, naturally they will be without backs and some decorative elements.

2016-05-31-574drawing 01-01-0

Kitsch in the living room

This style is modern not only for living rooms, but for any other premises. It is quite interesting, because the solutions can be varied, and in order to decorate, any ideas with ideas that only visit your thoughts will become reality. This method of decoration is quite interesting and extravagant. He protests modern trends, which adhere to the strictest rules in the design. But, it is very important here that in any case not to overdo it, otherwise the interior will look ridiculous and tasteless.


The basic principle of style is to mix several styles into one, as a result of which the elements from the classics will be combined with the Scandinavian decor.


Sometimes you can see all the pictures with hand-made articles, which will be a parody of classics. That they are related to kitsch. They make them, from what only they want, the main thing, that they simply attracted the attention of a person.


Classics in a new way looks modern and beautiful

In neoclassicism, traditional proportions are used in interior design, quiet colors are used, as well as fresh modern notes. Sophistication can be achieved thanks to stained-glass windows with gilding, arched mirrors, flower garlands.


To date, this style is quite popular. The walls here are painted with white or white, blue, brown or gold. Furniture, as well as decorative elements trim with the help of fabrics, similar to the motifs of Rome. Wallpapers are selected with images in classical styles.


To make a coating on the floor, choose noble wood. If you choose more affordable versions of material for the sexes, majesty and superiority of style very quickly become faded and lose its appearance.


As in any classics, bronze, sculptures of small sizes, fountains should also be used in modern times.



Based on the name itself, it can be judged that the style is aimed at the modern technologies used in creating unique interiors. At the heart of this style is an open demonstration of elements of constructivism. Accordingly, today we can see what was previously hidden from the eyes, so that it is visible and noticeable how time progresses and moves forward.


По сравнению со многими стилями, направленными на большое количество свободного пространства, в Hitec рекомендуется применять разные перегородки, способствующие тому, чтобы функциональность фон в помещении становилась исключительно лучше.

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Assumes in itself a living room in a modern style modular furniture. It is these options will be the best, among the possible. Elements can rotate, and they can be made from metal tubes, various parts are made of stainless steel, etc.

photo-6-in-gostinaja-style high-tech-to-italjanskoj-mebelju-by-TOMASELLA

Since this decision is rather unusual, it is rare in the interiors of apartment buildings. Nevertheless, high-tech can be found together with elements related to other styles.


Example of drawing up a living room in an apartment in a modern style

In the modern classic walls will look great pale pink, but ceilings in such a room and at all, will be his business card. Chairs with other furniture will be carved, made of red wood, and on the floor - a noble tree, which is simply perfectly combined with a marble tile. Nevertheless, in the style of the classic it is not forbidden to use the newest and modern technologies, harmoniously fitting into the interior of the room.


To dilute the classics, the modern interior option can be diluted with a blue carpet, which has an unusual geometric pattern.

interior of the apartment, interior design.

On the mirrors the main ornament is the florid elements. The furniture items are very simple and comfortable in the style of modern classics. Picking up the combination very competently, the space will not look congested. As the lighting is thought through and landscaped very well, the living room will be cozy and, of course, spacious.

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Living room-loft

Details in this style may be incongruous, but this is only at first glance. The wall can be stylized by imitating brickwork, which will be quite a bright, accentuated accent here. Despite the strokes of the industry in the living room is very light and cozy, which makes it possible to achieve light furniture options, as well as floor coverings. There will be no load-bearing walls, because it is simply unacceptable for such a style to distinguish between spaces. But you can make partitions from gipsokartonnyh sheets. They will not look massive, they will not make the look worse.


The floorboards of light color, as well as open versions of light gray shelves visually promote the expansion of space, while completing the coziness of style.


Choosing wallpaper for modern housing

In the modern world, the wallpaper began to be replaced by painting the walls. Of course, if the walls are decorated with one-tone variations, some chic in them is still there, and simplicity is very popular today. At the same time, hardly anyone will argue that with the wallpaper on the walls the bedroom and living room will not look cozy. Since the walls must be made according to the style that you preferred for the whole room, choose wallpaper according to the recommendations as to which version suits one or another style.


And so, what kind of wallpaper is suitable for styles:

  • In minimalism, the wallpaper, which has an unusual bright geometric pattern, is suitable. This is very bold and non-standard.
  • In the classics fit wallpaper on a vinyl basis, in pastel colors. It should be borne in mind that with furniture they should not merge, and even vice versa, they can be contrast.
  • В Hitec приемлемы специальные обои, которые можно красить.

living room in an apartment in a modern style

Also today it is very popular that the wallpaper was on the wall with a picture. But, in this case, you need to be very careful, since it is important to choose a calm color scheme, so that your eyes do not become tired.


By the way, modern types of natural wallpaper that are made of cork, bamboo, straw are no less popular.

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We decorate the ceiling

The fact that few people are looking upstairs are very much mistaken, so much attention will be paid to the design of the ceiling. Everyone, even a small apartment element, makes up a general picture of housing, so do not neglect anything.

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Among the most common types of ceiling are the following:

  • Stretch
  • Painted
  • Suspended
  • Two-level
  • Treated with decorative elements / plaster

modern style

No matter what type of ceiling design you choose, please note that it must necessarily maintain the style of modernity. For example, modern kitchen will not always be appropriately complemented by options for stretch glossy ceilings. And if you consider a room with a black and white color scheme, a black version of the ceiling is not always suitable, because it will literally put pressure on everyone who is in it, and the room will appear visually less.


Very popular options are painted with plaster ceilings, giving the room a certain chic.


Photo of the best living room in modern style


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Living room_in modern style_2017

Living room_in modern style_2017

Living room_in modern style_2017

Living room_in modern style_2017

Living room_in modern style_2017

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Living room_in modern style_2017




Living room_in modern style_2017

Living room_in modern style_2017

Living room_in modern style_2017


Living room_in modern style_2017

Living room_in modern style_2017


Living room_in modern style_2017


Living room_in modern style_2017


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Living room_in modern style_2017

Living room_in modern style_2017








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Scandinavian style










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