Living room in khrushchev - best design ideas in khrushchev

Rooms in a small Khrushchev often seem extremely inconvenient in creating a conceived modern design. In fact, this is not so - many owners of compact small living rooms at the repair make an excellent interior.


Interior features in a small living room

What is the peculiarity and uniqueness of the living room in Khrushchev? The area of ​​the living room in such an apartment is quite small. There is no single room layout, and therefore, when creating a modern design, it is always done individually.

To slightly expand the space, often start a redevelopment, performing the union of two adjacent rooms located. Demolition of walls is not necessary in this case, because you can expand the space with the help of partitions and niches.


Instead of the dismantled wall, it is possible to erect columns that will become an element of decor, by the method of zoning space. In a small living room, you can often see a bar at the border of the living room and kitchen.


Zoning the room

The interior of the living room in Khrushchev obviously implies zoning of the premises. Zones are allocated according to the needs of a particular family. If Khrushchev is a one-room apartment, then such zones are carried out - a sleeping place, a working area, and a living room. If there are two rooms, then in the living room there is no place for a sleeping area, despite the fact that the dining area can be thought through.


Visually, space can be delineated by color, ceiling, plants, podium. But in this case, not every method is applicable in Khrushchev. As an example, from various materials the floor will steal the visual space, and therefore in a small room there must be some one floor covering.

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living room_2017

The room will visually decrease when using a large-sized drawing on the wall. Optimal zoning of furniture and play of light.

living room_2017

The design of the living room in Khrushchev can not be decorated without a pre-designed color scheme.


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Creating a self-color scheme, it is worth bearing in mind that if the final result is highly invasive, and a lot of color relationships are thought out, then eventually the idea may be a failure. It is not necessary to use contrasting colors in a small living room, it is better to dilute one tone with accents.


Design Tips:

  • In a room with poor lighting, you should carefully use a dark color.
  • Pastel - green, pink, blue - the main color of the design.
  • Pastel with an invoice that glitters will visibly expand the room visually.

Living in the Khrushchev

Decor. Furniture

Photos of the living room design in Khrushchev's in magazines show that the interior will look holistically, if the decor with furniture is selected correctly. Before you buy a set of furniture, it is worth thinking about if it makes sense. When buying the main value should have a factor of functionality, because if the furniture is superfluous, the coziness should not wait.

stylish-small-sitting room-1024х768

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For a small living room is an ideal option - furniture-transformer, which, if necessary, can be folded-decomposed. Corpus furniture is best done individually according to your size.

Living in the Khrushchev

Perfectly in the living room looks modular furniture. The best in the Khrushchev looks narrow and not very high furniture, which does not clutter up the space at all.

Living in the Khrushchev

Of course, the living room assumes the availability of upholstered furniture. You can often see in the living room a compact sofa and a couple of armchairs. Furniture should be in the tone of the walls, because the room will look much more spacious.


The photo of the living room in Khrushchevka shows that the decor of the windows, as it were, completes the design. If the room is small, you can not hang massive and dark curtains, it is better to choose lightweight fabrics, it is possible with shine. It is quite possible to do with the use of a grid, organza. The style of curtains should be chosen the most simple, because as they are many times easier to be perceived.

living room_2017

When creating a design in the living room may be difficult, but if you take into consideration the advice of professionals, they are surmountable.

living room_2017

Photo ideas how to design modern living room design in Khrushchevka

living room_2017

living room_2017


3d-furniture-suite-living room7-gos7






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design-living room-combined-with-bedroom-12




living room_light_tones_13





small living room-151



A small-living-room-in-a-mixed-style-with-two-windows




living room_2017

living room_2017

living room_2017


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