Living room wenge - how to combine it in the interior

Today it is believed that the design of the living room in wenge color is very popular, fashionable. Why is that? Let's continue to understand what and what.

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By its appearance, this color, as it were, obliges African wood, all products from which today are at the peak of popularity. There is wood in the tropics of Guinea or Congo.

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In general, this name unites a group of plants, which are distinguished by their variety of shades. The range of existing shades is especially great - from dark, dark chocolate and to violet.

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By the way, the peculiarity of the tree is that the wood outside is much lighter than from the inside.

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Rough texture, as well as a very rich color, inherent in the material, and probably because the products made of it make it as if perfect for the living room. In tandem with milky oak, creates a wenge in any room a special feeling of luxury. Color gives the room a special uniqueness, uniqueness.


The material in the natural environment is characterized by a very rough texture and a very dark color palette, and therefore wenge is particularly in demand for materials that are used later as a floor covering.

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A spacious living room in wenge color will look amazing if a wenge laminate is used as a floor covering.

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Since the color is quite dark, it fills the space of the room, making it deeper. This is clearly visible in the case when the walls are light, in one tone - without a pattern and bright inclusions.

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Moreover, the laminate in this color has such an excellent property - there are not noticeable small natural damages and with time appearing scratches.

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Parquet in this color gives the room warmth, coziness, and as durability is high, parquet is an advantageous material for laying on the floor.

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Even taking into account the high cost of wood, the term of its service in the form of parquet pays for itself any price.

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The lack of floor covering in this color is dust - it is visible even during daily cleaning.

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The structure of this African wood is very exotic, the colors are diverse, and therefore doors in dark colors will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room wenge.


Doors солидные, и дают помещению парадности.

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Today doors are very in demand in this color, with stained-glass inserts, because they are functional and attractive. Living room wenge, with matched interior doors, looks especially whole.



This wood combines incongruous - the products look very aristocratic, chic, but at the same time laconically. In general, it gives the room a special charm.

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Very stylish looks wenge wall, but it is even more attractive in combination with such material as milk oak. Inserts of a light shade as though dilute monolithic furniture.

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The design of the living room is completely executed on contrasts. So, dark furniture looks good on a light background of walls, and on dark floors it is appropriate to keep carpets of beige color, gray.

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The interior will be complemented by lighting fixtures made in the appropriate style - a wenge luster, laconic and rigorous design. The chandelier can be made, as an example, in the form of a flat elongated structure, and the lamps can change position.

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By means of such a chandelier, it is easy to control the lighting of the room at will, certain zones dimming slightly, others on the contrary highlighting more.

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You can supplement the interior with a floor lamp. Floor lamps of a strict geometric form look fashionable, stylish and modern, giving a special comfort to the room.

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While browsing through the Internet numerous photos of the Wenge's living room, one can not help noticing that today's color is unusually fashionable, and therefore the design of the living rooms in this color is fashionable ... Well, are we walking with fashion on the same wavelength?

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