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A person can endlessly look at two things: water and fire. And this is really true! Who among us did not see the photos of the living rooms with a fireplace for hours? All sooner or later they start to think about how good it would be to have your own quiet warm place where you could warm yourself and read a book.

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Fortunately, if previously only the owners of the mansions and ranches could afford such an atmosphere, now this pleasure is available for any dwelling. The main thing is to choose your type of room oven and interior, inspired by the photo of the interiors of the living rooms with a fireplace from the designers.

What types of fireplaces exist at the moment

There are a lot of options! All of them have their own shortcomings and advantages, the cost of installation and maintenance, oblige to withstand the room in a certain style.

Living Room_s_Kam_2017

Wood Fireplace

Warm, traditional and cozy. The one on which it is customary to hang socks for Christmas. He not only heats and lights the room, but also perfectly calms down the sound of crackling firewood. The effect is so strong that on the Internet you can even find a video broadcast for those unfortunates who wish to immerse themselves in this atmosphere, but have no real possibility.


But everything has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. In the case of traditional fireplaces this is: requirements for the area of ​​the room (not less than 20 square meters); sufficiently high ceilings; a separate foundation and many other technical characteristics of the building. Laying and commissioning can be entrusted only to specialists of a narrow profile, as the wrong design and assembly carry the danger of "getting sick", as our ancestors said.


Gas fireplace

The only difference from wood burning is the necessity of supplying a gas pipe, and not the use of firewood.

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Electric fireplace


It is available both for owners of country houses, who do not want to bother with storing firewood and using gas, and for urban residents in ordinary apartments.

Gas fireplace

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No more dangerous than electric stoves, easy to operate and maintain, does not leave dirt in the form of ash and soot. At the same time it warms not worse than the classical "colleague".



One of the most popular species today, especially in modern interiors, such as minimalism or high-tech. Does not require a chimney, ventilation. Works on environmentally friendly plant materials - bioethanol, which does not emit any harmful substances during combustion. At the same time it gives the same fascinating kind of flame and can even be used for aromatherapy.


You can place not only close to the wall, but also separately, even in the middle of the room. The Internet is rich in photos of possible options for biofireplaces.

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Does not heat, because is just an imitation, especially often used in an apartment. Used as an element of decor and lighting. The latter is possible due to the placement in the niche of candles and a mirror reflecting their flames.

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What you need to know about installation

  • Installation on the outside wall makes the very fact of the existence of the fireplace pointless - it will heat the street, and not the room. This applies to all species giving real heat.
  • For a real wood fireplace, calculations are needed at the stage of construction of your house: it involves strong floors, some features of the basement, a chimney.
  • If you are going to place the TV in the same room, the fireplace is best to choose the corner. These items will constantly draw attention to themselves, if you place them opposite each other. To hang a TV above a heated fireplace is strictly not recommended: the TV and wires will deteriorate, which is very dangerous.


Practical advice on the design of the room

  • The design of the living room with a fireplace suggests that all the details are in the same style, and materials play a big role here. With respect to classical interiors and country style, only natural materials are acceptable: stone, marble, brick. For modern living rooms with a fireplace can be used any available materials, including glass and metal.
  • With wood-burning fireplaces inscribed in a suburban interior like English or Alpine, forged items always look great. It can be fixtures, sconces along the edges of the wall. Most often, these are accessories for kindling: a stand for firewood, fireplace grates, etc.
  • With respect to the color scheme, complete freedom is given: the fireplaces can be as contrasted with walls and furniture, and can also completely merge in a monochrome design (most often white).
  • The interior of the living room with a fireplace loves symmetry: spot lighting; floor lamps / lamps on the sides; symmetrically arranged sofas and armchairs; paintings and mirrors exactly in the center.
  • As already mentioned, the TV is not the best companion of the fireplace. Free space on the wall is better to ennoble the picture, mirror or leave unchanged, especially if it is a question of minimalism. By the way, bio-fireplaces have an interesting feature: he himself can be hung on the wall and serve as a stylish "living" panel.


Choose your piece of heat and light, based on the technical characteristics of your home and your own taste. This small elegant stove is able to fit into any interior, as evidenced by the numerous photos of living rooms with fireplaces of all different styles and sizes.

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Photos of the best ideas for a living room interior with a fireplace








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