Narrow living room - 110 photos of cozy and functional

In many modern apartments you can find small rooms, and even with their nuances.

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Those who have become the owner of a narrow living room, you should plan the space correctly, while placing pieces of furniture.

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Only in this case the room will look more visually, and there will be absolutely no impression, as if you were in a tunnel.

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Color selection

You can choose the most diverse version of the design of a narrow living room. In this case, the room should become cozier and more spacious.

Therefore, if a small room, choose a light range of furniture and also finishing materials.

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Thanks to this, the part of the room will look more visually, and also light will be added. To create a home cosiness, it is also possible to use a pale orange gamut, or even yellowish.

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This will help the lighting equipment, or carpet on the floor.

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Choosing bright colors, furniture does not need to be cumbersome. Perfectly fit a small glass table. A visual demonstration you can see on the photo of a narrow living room, presented in our catalog.

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You can choose white furniture, but always consider the bright design items in your house. The ends decorate with bright, but as to the walls, then with the help of beige shades.

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Decorating the interior of a narrow living room, you should not choose a darker range, like brown. At the ends make a painting, cover with wallpaper with an image of an interesting landscape.

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Curtains, blinds of dark tones are also suitable for a narrow living room.

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In general, the colors chosen in such a space should be in a light, pastel color scheme. Only so the perimeter will be proportional. Accents arrange a way to combine bright tones with dark ones. On the walls, glue wallpaper with a monochrome coloring, the pattern on which is completely absent, or it is very weakly expressed.

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As an option, you can visually expand the space, glue the light wallpaper opposite each other.

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By dividing the room into some sections and pasting them with different wallpaper, the design of the long narrow living room will be not only exquisite, but also expanded. If the colors are chosen correctly, remember that the dark scale has a narrowing property, while the light one has a visual extension, as well as a lengthening of the space.

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Due to the large patterns, the room will seem already, and the small pattern - it will be perfectly suited in this layout. As for large-format patterns, they must be applied only on a wide wall.

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And on those sides that are close to each other, you can put some version of a low-key figure. For example, it may be the stripes, due to which the width of the room will visually increase.

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Choosing furniture, lighting

If you add mirrors to narrow corner living rooms or long rooms, this will allow you to visually enlarge the space, expand it and give it, even in a certain sense, a square shape.

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In the process of repair work, it is recommended to start from the ceiling, which is leveled and cleaned beforehand. After cleaning, it is coated with a white paint based on latex paint.

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The walls can be covered with paint / wallpapered with wallpaper with an ornament, or some kind of a discreet drawing. Colors at the same time differ from furniture, there are no variegated or any caustic colors.

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When creating a design in a narrow room, exclude high walls. After all, because of them, the room will seem even more elongated, and looks like a tunnel. Furniture here should be selected low, with different shelves and chests of drawers. To free space, complement the furniture with a round table, as well as a shelf under the plasma panel.

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It is not recommended to choose cumbersome furniture and other interior details.

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For example, it is better to choose a lightweight and airy puff than a heavy chair.

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And as an alternative to a bright picture on the wall, choose some kind of neutral painting, not a massive coffee table, but a neat, glass, etc.

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Also here it is necessary to organize intensive lighting, located in the center of the room. You can also decorate the LED strip around the perimeter, wall sconces.

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Rely on your own preferences and customs, see our photos, be impressed and create! We wish you creative success!

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Photo of a narrow living room

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