Olive living room - a non-standard solution in a modern

When planning interior design, you must consider the color gamut, because the color creates a psychological mood and allows you to visually change the parameters and configuration of the room.

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If you plan to use olive color in the interior of the living room, you will need to consider the combination of colors, because olive color combined with different shades can create a different atmosphere.

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White. The classic version of the combination of olive and white will visually enlarge the room, making the living room incredibly elegant.

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Blue. Quite interesting are the uses of olive with all the shades of blue from the soft blue to the rich turquoise. However, such combinations are complex, so pick up the tone you need very carefully, the ideal version is depicted in the photo of an olive living room with turquoise textiles.

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The black. Black color perfectly combines with olive, emphasizing style and elegance. Depending on the dosage of black color, you can make the design sexy or strict and businesslike.

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Red. This color can be used very carefully in individual elements of the olive interior.

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Yellow. The yellow color palette will make any room warm and bright. In addition, the yellow color is able to enlarge the room. The olive interior of the living room will look brighter if it is supplemented with yellow accessories.

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However, it is important to consider that a large amount of yellow decor can quickly tire, causing a desire to leave the room. Thus, the yellow color in the olive interior should be in moderation.

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Light colors. Choosing with which color it is better to combine the olive color in the living room, you need to pay attention to which side it is from.

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So, if the room is located on the cold north side, warm warm shades of pink and cherry will give it warmth. Make the living room more comfortable, located on the south side light-blue shades.

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The living room is that room, creating an interior that you can afford to experiment with.

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In the event that you are not too long in the living room, but only when you organize festive events or meet with friends over a cup of tea, you can afford to create an unusual interior design in the most original color combinations, for example, an interesting variant of the olive living room complemented with such colors as scarlet, black and, of course, white.

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So, the wall surfaces can be painted with olive paint and decorate the room with white furniture. Also, olive walls can be combined with a black floor covering and black furniture, diluting the interior with accessories of bright colors.

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Living room in olive color is perfectly combined with chocolate-colored furniture and white textile. The interior, in such a color solution looks unusually elegant and stylish.

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Because olive color alone obscures the room and visually makes it smaller, experienced designers recommend the living room entirely in olive tones only if the room is spacious enough and well lit.

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Make the olive interior brighter and warmer if two basic colors complement the third, which will act as an accent.

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For example, a living room in olive tones of a photo that can be seen in the catalog will be brighter if it is supplemented with yellow sofa pads or a beautiful yellow floor vase.

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The living room, in which the olive walls and white furniture is diluted with elements of orange decor, will look original. This combination will make the living room atmosphere warm and positive.

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Concerning the practicality of olive shades, it can be said that this is the most practical color scheme in which random crumbling crumbs or accidentally left small spot will be unnoticeable, if a dark olive shade is chosen, then the traces of dirt and dust will not even be visible against it.

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Especially topical is the floor covering in olive-gray tones or with dark olive-colored patterns, because in this case you yourself will get rid of daily cleaning and washing of the floors. After all, on such a floor, dust or hairs will not be visible.

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Photo of an olive-colored living-room

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