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Orange color is one of the most cheerful shades that can only be. Choosing the color solution of the living room in orange, you choose an interior in which you simply can not be sad.

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Bright and expressive design promotes the charge of positive and cheerfulness.

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Orange design is suitable for active people, it is often chosen by representatives of creative professions, such as musicians and artists. However, with all the advantages of such a solar design, it has its drawbacks.

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Orange color in large quantities can cause emotional fatigue and anxiety, so it is important to dilute it.

The subtleties of creating an "orange" room

Orange is rarely chosen as the main color of the walls, they can make one wall or place bright accents with textiles and other decor elements.

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If you use too much, it will suppress all other colors, the living room will be overloaded.

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To create an orange design in the living room, professionals are advised to choose one of the following techniques:

  • Make an accent on one of the walls
  • Choose bright furniture
  • Apply decor elements of the desired color

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Do not make the interior monochrome, it is best to choose a few orange tones, which can be interesting to combine in different design elements.

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In addition to designers, to dilute orange is also advised by psychologists. A monotonous bright living room will exert too much pressure on a person. In such a room it will be difficult to be quiet people.

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Although there are specialists who, on the contrary, believe that for passive personalities, orange color can become a signal for the beginning of actions, an incentive to activity.

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Possible shades of orange

There is a wide variety of color palette of orange. Here you can find warmer colors, quiet or flashy.

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Among the most popular shades are coral, amber, honey, carrot, peach, terracotta, rusty, apricot, brick, mango.

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For finishing such large elements as walls, it is best to use light shades, it can be colors close to beige or peach scale. Such an interior will look cozy and spacious.

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Also, from the choice of shade will depend on what effect the room will produce. If your task is to create a warm cozy atmosphere, then you should pay attention to the shades of apricot or ocher.

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If you need to create a bright, dynamic atmosphere, then choose orange colors. But be careful, their large number can make the interior aggressive. The ideal proportion is the ratio of 30 to 70 percent, where the smaller part is bright.

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Dark shades of orange give the interior oriental notes. However, they will look good only in spacious rooms, since visually such a solution will eat up space.

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If the room is designed for frequent family gatherings, then the dining area can be distinguished by apricot color. A tangerine shade is suitable for a place where active people often gather, who have fun.

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Variation of the combination of colors

The living room in orange tones can play absolutely differently, depending on what colors it blends with. For example, a palette with several bright colors will be very unique.

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Fashionable trend is a combination of black and different shades of orange. This brevity looks very stylish, although in this case it is better to give preference to orange. Black color will play the role of framing, they are distinguished by straight lines, small elements and some furniture.

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Considering the photos of the orange living rooms, you can notice that often this color is combined with a green scale. This is not surprising, because this interior perfectly refreshes the room and fills it with notes of Moroccan style.

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The combination of blue and orange will remind you of the sunny beaches and the sea. Such a palette fills the space with a charming harmony. However, like the white tone, which, combined with a bright palette, brings freshness and calmness.

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You can use and combinations of three colors, in such cases, the main thing is to correctly observe the proportions, so that the interior looks harmonious.

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In general, the interior of the orange living room can be as varied as possible. Depending on the combination of colors, choice of shades, furnishings and accessories, you can create a design of different styles and directions, fill the room with different emotions and moods.

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Orange interior will no doubt present to its owners a lot of joyful minutes spent in its walls.

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Photo of the orange living room design

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Orange Living Room (30) - catalog of Italian and German furniture.

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