Passage lounge - non-standard design options (50 photos of

Modern designers often face the problem of passage rooms.

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When building premises in Soviet times, the passage room was an integral part of the layout: it became popular due to space savings, which adversely affected the functionality and originality of the premises.

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The houses that have preserved the old layout do not look very well and organically, but there are many creative solutions to this problem.

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Walk-through living room - stylish and elegant

Any unsuccessful layout of the house can always be corrected. It is enough to create an interior correctly, and the unwanted passage room will easily turn into a spectacular hall.

All decoration items, from furniture to chandelier, should harmoniously complement each other. The walk-through room, furnished with taste, will look like an ordinary living room, and not as a result of an unsuccessful layout.

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Designers recommend to abandon a large collection of furniture and other excess items: the passage room should be comfortable and concise. Such fragile things as vases, hanging shelves or jewelry made of glass, should be in moderation.

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To avoid difficulties in moving, the room must have a lot of free space and good lighting.

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An excellent solution for the interior of the walk-through living room will be glass partitions instead of superfluous walls; Well, if the room is equipped with wide windows. If the room is small and insufficiently lit, the interior should be replenished with white objects.

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Doors for passage room

The big role at registration of a through room is played by doors. Do not forget that they take up a lot of space in the open position, and with frequent movement, the owners rarely close them.

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Therefore, doors are not at all necessary for living rooms, especially for small rooms, where doors take up most of the free space.

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Doors will be the best option for the design of communicating rooms, which often serve as a bedroom.

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Today the following layouts of doors are common:

Adjacent doors (doors will occupy only one corner, not taking away the free space of the room, often the doors that are located close to each other are fenced off with curtains for greater aesthetics);

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Diagonal doors (using diagonal doors with faceted glass will visually increase the volume of the living room, the space that divides the doors, you can borrow a sofa or TV);

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Doors on one wall (such a layout will allow to equip the room not only comfortably, but also effectively: the walls between the doors are often decorated with paintings, collages from photographs or shelves with books).

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If there is no need to provide access to the living room, the designers advise the use of various curtains or curtains. Before the execution of the design it is better to get acquainted with the photo of the pass-through living rooms, which will create the necessary idea of ​​the arrangement of the doors.

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Interior details

The walk-through room plays in the house not the very last role, therefore not to spoil all beauty of an apartment, it is necessary to concern seriously to decorating of the given room. The larger the size of the room, the easier it is to equip it wisely and stylishly.

If the entrance to the living room is very tiny, it is recommended to connect the kitchen or corridor, which will be positive on the layout of the house.

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Suitable furniture for large rooms are wardrobes, sofas or armchairs. Harmoniously, the bookshelves look along the entire wall, but for small walk-in living rooms it is better to use small hanging shelves.

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Space is undesirable to occupy unnecessary objects, the main thing is to preserve the symmetry of the room.

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Coffee tables and chairs are best placed away from the doors, so as not to block the way for movement. To create a comfortable atmosphere, tables are recommended to be placed near the fireplace or along the wall.

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Photos of the design of the entrance through the living room

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