Red living room - an overview of the options for a chic

Thinking over the design of the apartment, everyone has to choose the shade of the future interior according to the preferences.

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Someone chooses a pastel, someone prefers a brighter palette. It's about the bright room.

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You will learn how the red in the interior of the living room can most effectively look.

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How does color affect?

It has long been seen a trend, or rather not so, the fact that the red color is chosen mainly by those who have a very active position in life, those who love society, hospitable people.

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According to Feng Shui, a person red color energizes.

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Do not joke with the color jokes, because if there is an overload of color, then there will be misunderstanding in the house, and aggression, fussiness, forgetfulness and absent-mindedness are not excluded.

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The red living room can be pleased with its design in the event that each element is carefully thought out and is in its place.


When choosing a wallpaper tone, the basic rule is to know the measure. Ideally, when the canvases are combined, for example, the walls are not purely red, but white and red.

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The red white living room looks impressive, and it's better to decorate it like this: decorate all the walls with textured wallpaper of a snowy color, and highlight one of the walls with bright scarlet. In order not to notice any joints, it's better to glue the red liner in a niche.

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Wallpapers of bright scarlet with a large snow-white pattern are also perceived effectively. Wallpaper of this color can be chosen for the hall only if the pastel is planned cabinet furniture.

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If there is a desire to make the surface of the walls bright, it is better to choose wallpaper with the effect of velvet, and that on the surface was a pattern of bronze, gold. The kind of such wallpaper is expensive, chic.

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Ideally fit such wallpaper in the living room in a classic style.

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Absolutely unobtrusive look beige walls in the interior of the room, and to call the living room "red", the color is chosen furniture and textiles, accessories.

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It is very popular today to receive the allocation of a section of the wall panel of wood, or molding. In this case, the top of the wall is covered with red wallpaper, the bottom is framed by white panels.

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Often you can observe in the living room, as a stone stands out some of the wall, for example, a wall with a fireplace. The colors are thus muffled, as if neutralized.

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In a red room, the floor should be light. To achieve the desired, a light tile is used, but in this case, the "warm floor" is laid, or the laminate is oak, white, wenge.

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In such a room, it is appropriate to use a carpet, either red, or with a print in tune with the accompanying shade.

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The design of the red living room allows for the presence of a multi-level or one-level ceiling from gypsum board, stretch ceiling, and a combination of these two types.

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If we talk about the color palette of the ceiling, it is best not to depart from the classics and make the ceiling a snow-white color.

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Furniture выбирается всегда исходя из того, какого оттенка поверхность стены, ведь гостиная комната, в которой мягкий диван с обивкой красного цвета, воспримется на «ура», если расположена будет мебель на фоне пастельных светлых стен.

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If you like furniture red, then it is located against the gray wall, white, beige.

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If the living room is made in red tones, in other words, red wallpaper, then we dance from the opposite, and furniture of beige tone, white or gray is chosen. To make the image complete and complete, the furniture is selected with bright colors.

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It is important to note that the red in the interior of the living room can be used only in accessories, and again the living room will have the right to be called "red".

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The white room, filled with red objects, will be "red", because the color attracts its intensity, it takes all the attention on itself.

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All the decor should be matched according to the style of the hall. So, if the style is minimalism, then there should not be any special third-party items, but if the style of the living room is high-tech, that all the accessories are made of metal, chrome.

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The classics are always complemented by mirrors and wood, crystal chandeliers.

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Modern interior accepts concise objects.

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Floorистайте страницы в интернете, просмотрите фото красной гостиной в приемлемом для вас стиле, а после дерзайте в своих начинаниях в оформлении.

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