Salad drawing room - 50 photos of the perfect combination in

For each room the selection of colors is strictly individual, and this is correct, it should be so. How will the salad living room be perceived?

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Everyone strives to give comfort to his apartment, originality, and this decision and pursuit is commendable.

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The living room is the face of the whole house, the room where guests meet and celebrations are celebrated, holidays are held. In general, this room for the whole family, in which there is communication, games, the press is read, family advice is produced.

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The green color, from all the existing variety of colors, is as close as possible to the greenery of natural colors, and therefore the color is very calm, favorable.

Lime - fresh shade, spring, natural, and in itself combines in some proportions yellow with green.

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Interior solution

Experts say that much in the interior of the living room, and not only in the living room, but in principle of any other room, it should not be salad, because it is bright, and should not be pressured, it is better to use it "dosed", fragmented, making accents.

Much in choosing the color and shade of it depends on the size of the room, because we believe that the walls play an important role in decoration, and this is not so - and the floor, and the doors and the upholstery of furniture, and the ceiling, and even the framing of windows - everything matters!

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How does a salad-colored living room look ideal?

Saladov "framed" one wall, and the rest is done in colors, matched in tone. The texture and picture play a role.

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The salad living room perfectly combines with colors such as white, turquoise, beige and all the existing shades of the main green color.

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Do not be afraid to use in the design of contrasting colors, for example, such as brown, purple, black.

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Often the living room color is zoned. How? The selected color clears three zones, and the fourth is made into a strip - light green wide or narrow stripes on a light basis.

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Believe me, if you are pursuing the goal of creating a unique interior of a salad living room, then it is the stripes that you need!

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You should not bypass this stylish option, like using wallpaper of two colors. The combination of colors, the rule of pasting, the separation of the wall, the professional design of the niche, all this is in other materials and on the Internet. Search and study.

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Combination in the salad dressing room

In the game of flowers, an important place belongs to the walls, but one can not bypass the decoration of the ceiling and the floor.

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If the ceiling is not high, then it is performed in a light tone. If there is a living room in light green tones, light colors, the ceiling will visually become higher, and the area of ​​the entire room will visually increase.

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If there is not enough natural light in the living room, then a light lime ceiling and the same walls will make the room lighter.

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If the summer does not give rest to the heat, then the ceiling is made of a lighter shade, in order to cool the atmosphere.

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The floor in the hall should be practical, easy to clean, and harmonize with the room in general, and not stand out from it.

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Choose the best option is not at all difficult - laminate, parquet, flooring, carpet.

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To the room to give a special coziness, you need to choose curtains. If the living room is green, then the windows should be "dressed" in a light version of the decor. Color is often attached to the color of walls and furniture.

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Remember that a certain combination of colors simply does not exist, because there are simply options for finishing that are chosen well.

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See on the Internet numerous photos of a green salon, take for yourself the basic ideas, but remember about your taste preferences. Make out a salad dressing room and gladly receive guests.

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Photo of a green salon

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