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It does not matter if you live in a house or in an apartment, it is necessary to have a table in the interior of the living room or hall! This element of furniture at any time was considered one of the important furnishings that is necessary in the house. Do you plan to celebrate?


For example, guests will come to you for a new year, birthday or matchmaking, in this situation the table, as a symbol of hospitality, will always come to your aid! Traditions have been living for centuries, and time only multiplies them! Also, the range of models presented extends year after year.

The variety of design solutions and design is amazing! In the presence of each furniture store there are many tables for every taste and purse. Presented to the eye of the demanding buyer, the tables are made of all kinds of materials.


The most common material is wood, it is used in the manufacture of tables of all styles. A material such as metal or glass - the main thing in the manufacture of items of high-tech style.


The modern environment in the living room does not provide for the presence of a large table in the living room. Except, perhaps, when the room is combined with the kitchen.

The table in the living room If the design solution provides a country style to do without a table is impossible! Often in the living room have a small coffee table, which at the same time serves to offer guests a cup of coffee or tea, and do not need to invite them to the dining room, besides, a large table in the living room of a small size will be inappropriate.

The table in the living room

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Today multifunctional things are very popular. They are never worthless, which makes them irreplaceable! An excellent solution, especially in the apartment, will be a transformer table in the living room.


Choosing a table in a furniture store can be confused by the variety of design solutions and design features. After all, in a short period of time hundreds of different tables will be presented for every taste and color! If there are problems in the choice, helpful, polite sellers - consultants, of course, will help. Time will come to the rescue and help you choose the best option, which will appeal to quality, beauty, design and, not least, the price.


But you need to remember that the same thing in the store and at home will look completely different! In addition, you need to make a decision, what style of table do you need ?! It is necessary to measure and record the dimensions of the table, otherwise the purchase may not fit into the workspace. How annoying, if the selected table does not fit in the interior of the room!

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After looking through the design of tables for the living room, you can make your best choice from all the options offered. Whatever the idea of ​​interior design was not before you - you can always choose the appropriate option and in time to weed out unacceptable models while still in the furniture salon!


All styles used by designers are conventionally divided into three categories: classic, high-tech, and country. When choosing a high-tech style, consider that there will be the presence of such materials of artificial origin. well, and of course, get ready for the characteristic of this style angular and proportional subjects, rigor in performance.


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Classics foresee the use of the same materials plus wood; your look will be pleasant meandering soft forms, synchronous carving, forged items.

6501329dbb4105b0a76452e948aa1068 Your choice is country? Then you like simple shapes and materials. Usually it is a tree with a minimum of decor. But the Provence style provides for the elegance of the legs, as well as the availability of drawers and convenient retractable parts.


The dimensions of the table, its outline, are of great importance when choosing. To the big room designers advise you to choose a table with an oval tabletop of a decent diameter, it will fill the empty space, which will be pleasant to look at the general background. But the table in the form of a circle is advantageous to put a small square in the living room. He will be able to accommodate more guests, and he is less traumatic, because there are no corners.


Look closely at the tables - transformers. The sliding table tops the surface several times, which is very convenient when a large number of guests gather in your house.


Photos of tables for the living room can be viewed in the catalog. There are many models with different design and design solutions, in a variety of colors!


Do not forget that the hall table needs to be chosen with chairs, then they will harmonize with each other, since they have the same design. Currently, there are no problems with the availability of beautiful and quality ready-made dining sets. The choice is always for the buyer!


Photos of beautiful tables for the living room


The table in the living room

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Table in the living room

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