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Today, upholstered furniture can be purchased in the company salon or via the Internet. In the catalogs you can see photos of upholstered furniture in the living room, available colors and, of course, the final cost, and choose furniture according to your budget.


The choice is always up to you - if the living room is very spacious, then you can choose any sofa, and if a small apartment, you can choose a corner sofa, or any other, more compact in its size.

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During the design of his living room - the main working rule - the observance of a single style. In this case, the design of the interior in one style affects as well as possible the person that lives in the living room.


The interior of such a room should have a conversation, a pleasant pastime. An important role in this is played by properly selected upholstered furniture.


A soft sofa for the living room is of no small importance, because the time is sitting on it, and if the guest is uncomfortable or uncomfortable, then by itself, the conversation will quickly stop. Choose furniture so that it does not stand out from the general style and was of excellent quality.


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In the living room, the atmosphere should be such that it had a rest or communication, and therefore used furniture sofas, armchairs, cute puffs, other beautiful furniture. If all the elements combine correctly, then the living room will come out both elegant and cozy.


Choose furniture carefully. The furniture, the frame of which - chipboard, the most affordable option, economical, but in addition to low cost, such furniture no longer has advantages.


When buying such a product, the basic rule is that the lower the price, the worse the quality.

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If you can not afford to buy furniture from natural wood, then you should give preference to the one with a frame made of wood.


What to put in the living room?

A soft corner in the living room can be supplemented with armchairs. If you pick up all the elements with the mind, so that they harmonize with the sofa, you can create comfort in the room yourself.


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Of no small importance is the style of the apartment. If your apartment is in a classical style, then do not make a soft corner. It is better in this case to buy soft armchairs in the living room that will support the previously created atmosphere.


Upholstery of furniture

Today, upholstered furniture can be made of high-quality real leather, kozhzama, textiles.

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If you like light-colored furniture, then it's best for the material to be a flock, because its main advantage is the preservation of texture and color for a long period of time.


Upholstery of jacquard should be chosen only if there is no home pets and small children, because in the care it is very difficult.


When buying furniture in the renovated living room, you need to give yourself an account that its service life is up to 10 years, and so choosing cheap furniture is silly.


Furniture, the upholstery of which is made of genuine leather, will look very beautiful in any living room, but during the selection it is worth paying attention to how the pieces are connected. The lifespan of the sofa from the skin depends on how many pieces and how they are fastened together.


With caution is to treat the sofa from kozhzama, because if the quality is low, then after a couple of years you can notice cracks on the surface of the upholstery, peeling upholstery.


The filler should be dense, it is best to give preference to latex.


Angular soft furniture - noticeable space savings in the room due to its compactness. Important is the function of unfolding - if there is a mechanism of expansion, then you always have a place where to lay sleeping guests.

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The cost of corner furniture starts from the mark of 50 000 rubles. Depends on the cost of the brand, the size, color and upholstery.

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Furniture with upholstery made of genuine leather can not cost less than 80 000 rubles.


The most basic, to understand what kind of furniture you want to use every day in your apartment, and then in joy you will look for the right kit.


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