Violet living room - practical tips for the perfect

The violet color looks discreet and elegant, however this color is not often found in the interior, especially in the living room.

Living room-43

But in vain, because the living room in purple tones looks exquisitely, refined and even a little and mysteriously, as if emphasizing the aristocratic taste of their masters.


The violet color itself is restrained, which is why to make the interior of the living room luxurious, you need to take into account all the nuances of purple hues.


Purple drawing room

Purple color is great for a luxurious living room environment. The fact is that the spectrum of violet has two kinds of warm and cold shades, because in some of them more blue is added, and others have many red halftones.


Therefore, in one case the design looks warmer, and in the other, as in the photo the violet living room, is colder.


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Professional designers prefer to smooth out the violet, diluting it with other colors, for example, snow-white, soft blue, light raspberry or shades of gold.


But best of all, if purple will not act as a background solution, but in the form of furniture, bright decor elements or textiles.


The violet color has many shades, but not all of them fit the living room, so the acid tone will look good only in the interior of the avant-garde stylistic solution, as in the photo of the violet living room.


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However, in other cases it is better to pay attention to berry tones such as, for example, blueberry, plum or grape color, floral tones, among which lavender, violet and lilac and fuchsia.

Purple-furniture-for-style-art-deco-in-living room

Suitable for the living room are shades such as amethyst, purple, eggplant color.


Combine the violet should be right, so as not to disturb the balance, so the classic version of the yellow-purple combination in the wrong proportions or unsuccessfully chosen shades will look awkward.

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non-woven wallpaper-for-living room

Most shades of violet will go well with pink shades, light green, bluish, snow-white, shades of gold and silver.


Purple Lounges

Mysteriously and elegantly, the living room of an amethyst halftone will look, if it is complemented by an effective lighting design with neon lights and diode lights on the ceiling.


And it's best to decorate it with crystal accessories and high, narrow vases.

modern rooms-14

Fashionable and stylish will be a living room of lavender color, especially if you add items of gold or olive color. An elegant addition to such an interior will be an aroma-lamp in the form of a crystal with essential oil of lavender.

Positively and solemnly look the living room in grape shades, if you add glass vases and a crystal chandelier.


Lilac is great for a studio apartment, it will decorate such an apartment with wallpaper with a white lily, glass screens and curtains of transparent fabric.


The living room in violet colors is perfectly combined with a noble shade of gray.


Revive the purple living room green objects, especially if you make a stretch glossy ceiling of white.


The living room will look gently if it is diluted with pink or crimson color, and the interior of the chandelier with a chrome base and crystal-colored shades is added.



Preferring a living room of violet is very important to choose the right lighting, curtains and furniture. And the furniture in the room of such a color scheme plays an important role.


So, you need to take into account the texture combination, and, the more gloss will be used, the more elegant the design will look overall.


Exquisitely and nobly looks soft furniture with upholstery made of silky jacquard purple, like a violet living room photo design, which can be seen in the catalog.


Noble looks furniture with upholstery from velor or velvet in the color of amethyst.



Decor, элементы которого представляют собой натуральные самоцветы или искусственные камни добавят роскоши в гостиную.


So make the living room more luxurious than a vase from charoite or glasses of jadeite, statuettes decorated with amethyst, chandeliers made of rock crystal.


Make the warmer living room in the violet palette fresh flowers in beautiful vases or room flowers in the original pots, especially if the orchids.


Photo of a living room of purple color









final copies



Purple-ornament-on-the-wall-living room





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