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We offer you to familiarize yourself in more detail with the question of the correct choice of wallpaper in the living room, what nuances should be paid attention when buying the material. Also we will give useful advice and recommendations on the proper composition of your own interior design.

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Browse photos of the wallpaper for the living room, as well as their various options for different styles.

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Wallpaper in the interior of the living room

Today, having got to the construction store, to make a choice regarding the purchase of wallpaper is not easy enough. This is due to the widest range offered by the sellers. Wallpapers differ not only in color, but also in textures, types, materials used and countries of production.

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And so, we suggest to consider in more detail each of the main types of wallpaper in the living room, based on the basic material from which they are made.

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From paper

The most inexpensive version of wallpaper. But, this is probably one of their advantages. Disadvantages they have much more. They are very thin, tearing often enough during the pasting process, and the surface to which they are glued must be perfectly even.


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Well, if you decide to choose wallpaper with pictures, then for their selection you will have to cut large enough pieces of material, which is very disadvantageous from a financial point of view.


Based on non-woven fabric

Such material is quite practical, wallpapers are much more vivid. They have considerable density, due to which they are quite durable. They are also not afraid of high humidity and sunlight.

non-woven wallpaper-for-living room

But if you want to update the interior of your house, it is not necessary to paste new wallpaper, because on a non-woven basis you can even paint, not once! For today, this option is very fashionable and popular, is offered in a wide range of different patterns and colors.

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They are based on paper, but if we talk about their quality, then it does not differ from wallpaper based on non-woven fabric. They are amenable to washing and cleaning. Cloths of such wallpaper look like a single whole, and after gluing the walls, there will be practically no noticeable boundaries.


If the living room is covered with this kind of wallpaper, you do not have to regret it, because it will look very fresh and interesting.

silvery-vinyl-wallpaper-in-living room-severity-in-combination-with-luxury

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Based on fabric

Yes, yes, such wallpaper will give refinement to the interior. At the heart of their fabric with nonwoven and paper, and as for the top layer, it usually consists of silk, jute, flax, velor and other fabrics.


Such material is created in order to decorate the interiors. But, they need to look after them in a special way, because they accumulate dust and dirt on their own, and they can not be washed.



It is possible that the previous versions are not very suitable for you and in this case we recommend choosing the glassfibre option that is quite practical and durable. For their manufacture use fiberglass, which has the property of high practicality and durability.


And also to the main advantages of their property is the fire resistance, because they are not able to ignite and burn. Also they are not afraid of high humidity, and you can paint such material up to twenty times if you want / need it.


Based on bamboo

Choosing just such wallpaper, you create in the literal sense, a living space in the home. Such wallpapers are amazing, with them the living room will look luxurious. You and your guests will be very pleased to be in this room, enjoying a pleasant atmosphere.

bamboo wallpaper-in-living-2

But, you can not get too carried away with such material. It will be enough to cover them with only a small part of the wall, for example, near the TV. Care for them is not difficult, because they are very unpretentious in this regard.


It is enough to vacuum them several times during the year, but if too serious contaminated areas appear, they can be removed elementary by means of a damp sponge.


And yet, in the modern world it's very difficult to make a choice of wallpaper because of their huge range offered on the market.


The advantages and disadvantages of using wallpaper

A very popular option for finishing not only the living rooms, but also the entire living space.


Even earlier, for a while, the images did not differ too much in special quality. But, for today the quality has changed very much in the best for us party. Thanks to modern technologies, photo prints create the most real miracles, producing real works of art.

Photo wallpapers with a view of the night city in the interior of the living room

It is very important that this type of material does not become an aggressor in the interior of the room, thereby irritating not only you, but also everyone who will come to visit you. By the way, it is this nuance that is the main drawback of this type of materials. The best location is where they will not distract from pleasant conversations or watching your favorite TV show or movie.


It is quite difficult to combine photo wallpapers:

  • With the main, which are painted with patterns large enough
  • If there is too pronounced contrast with the main interior details
  • When the space looks cluttered, and the styles look incompatible with each other


Choose a wallpaper based on the style of the interior

Organizing the design in the living room is very difficult. This issue should be approached with a pre-prepared, competent plan.


Even if the living room is very small, for example, in Khrushchev, it will in any case reflect the understanding of this world of its owners and inhabitants, creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, including for guests of your home.



This option was always neutral. It does not use aggressive elements, everything is cozy enough and smooth. Interior is made in pastel shades, for example, beige, pale olive, terracotta, any brown shades. As for wallpaper, they are absolutely no exception, and on the walls you can safely hang photos and pictures, mirrors in bronze frames.


Look at us, variants of the photo of the combined wall-paper in a drawing room, and also set of other variations for style of the classicist.



In this version, natural wood, fur and leather, as well as stone materials and metal are necessarily used. Forms with lines remain smooth. As wallpaper, you should choose a plant motif, as well as the animal world. Also original will look like a mosaic. And all this you can see in our catalog photos of the most interesting design solutions.


The basis of Art Nouveau is art!



This style is strict, close to minimalism. Speaking about the main idea of ​​it, here is a high level of functionality, because the lockers are integral parts of the interior, the same applies to the hiding places.


As for the wallpaper, shades can be chosen from any of white, gray, black, metallic. Also used are smooth surfaces and necessarily glossy.


East Style

Of course, the living room in this style will be incredibly cozy! After all, it is conditioned and filled with incredible charm.

fashionable wallpapers_for_the__014_10

In such a living room will be very comfortable for every guest who came to your house. You can safely choose the variants of fabric wallpaper for walls in bright warm colors, they will look the most advantageous here!


Think about everything here in advance, up to every detail. We recommend to determine the culture, in accordance with which you will register your housing. For example, choose the Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Moroccan style and others.


Picking it up in advance, you can quickly and easily decide on wallpaper. So, they can be monophonic, or in traditional patterns.

East style

Country Style

At some distant point, he is similar to Provence, although he has male characteristics. It does not use anything superfluous. There will not be a lot of figurines, paintings and other small things.


The walls will be decorated with wallpaper, and outwardly they may look like a masonry of natural stone or wood. Applicable light colors and patterns with plant motifs. We offer you to view the proposed photo options to inspire the creation of an individual, unique interior design.


Style minimalism

A beautiful modern variant. Especially suitable for those who do not like something superfluous and distracting. Everything should be simple and clear. This applies to any shape / line. No details here are unacceptable. As for textiles, wallpaper, the drawing should not be obtrusive. Choose an tone of unsatisfied tone so that eyes do not cut anything. Do not use bright accents.

4-living room-minimalizm

Combining wallpaper in the living room - existing techniques

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the photos and videos presented on our website, choosing the material for decorating the walls in the hall of your house.


Using a combined version, any room can be zoned into functional zones, and the room will be enlarged visually:

  • Recreation Area
  • Zonou accepts a table
  • TV viewing area

paper 'illusion

Between colors there must be a smooth transition. You can also cover the walls at the top. Using light shades of wallpaper, and below - dark options. This will bring a cozy room and incredible comfort.


Very interesting is also the option, when three walls are pasted with one version of wallpaper, and the fourth - accent some bright accent, for example, the same photo wallpaper.


What kind of wallpaper to choose in multi-functional rooms

So, the decoration of the living room with wallpaper is one thing, but it also happens when the living room is combined with other functional areas, in which the interior design is selected somewhat differently.


Living room with bedroom

The wallpaper for this room should be selected very carefully. Annoy they certainly should not. Even, on the contrary, they should have calm tones, such, due to which you relax morally. But it is the wallpaper that influences the overall atmosphere!


For example, in the human mood, each color and its shades can have a different effect.


Positive impact will have: blue, purple, lilac, green and pastel.


Neutral effects on a person are white and the color of silver.


Negative can affect red, acid, black.


Kitchen with living room

To date, there is a wide variety of styles and species. Many different textures, colors, textures used for the production of materials. Of course, here it will be easy to get confused by anyone. Therefore, the color range of wallpaper for the kitchen-living room should be selected very carefully.


Positive impact will have options such as: red or orange, green or yellow.


Negative can affect: black, violet and blue in all shades.


Picking up the wallpaper very competently, the food will always turn out to be incredibly delicious on your table. In case of improper selection of the finishing material, there will be absolutely no desire in the kitchen for a tasty meal.


Decoration of the living room in Khrushchev

When choosing a wallpaper, consider the amount of natural light in the room. For example, if you use large elements with drawings, the room will appear smaller in a small room, but if you use light versions of finishing materials, the room will look more visually.


Nevertheless, at own discretion nevertheless it is not recommended to make pasting of a room. The basic rule is that everything be harmoniously combined, corresponding to the rest of the room. If your living room is only eighteen squares, and there are no doors between it and other rooms, do not use sharp contrasts when the wallpaper moves from room to room.


The latest trends in this season

All novelties in the design of the living room design can be viewed in our photo catalog. We wish to be inspired and choose your own design!

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Photos of modern ideas how to decorate wallpaper in the living room





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and it is possible


wallpaper-in-the-interior-living room

single-3d wallpapers



zas 21

bereza-derevo-pattern-netkanye-vuds-oboev-sovremennyj-dizajn-oboev-prostye-cherno-belye-wallpaper-for-living room

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